Translation of superannuated in Spanish:


caduco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsupərˈænjuˌeɪdəd/ /suːpəˈranjʊeɪtɪd/

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    (person/ideas) caduco
    (person/ideas) anticuado
    • The council is holding its financial breath over the burgeoning black hole in the local authority's superannuated final salary pension scheme.
    • They are employees of the state sector who enjoy superannuated job security amidst an ocean of poverty.
    • Some superannuated blokes are still wearing the long hair of a 1970s pop or football star, even though their face resemble a wrinkled prune.
    • The superannuated may perhaps devote themselves to reflection and advice.
    • A claim was made and accepted by Comcare at that time and, indeed, Ms Holt was superannuated out of the public service within 12 months.
    • It's incredible that someone who, these days, is undoubtedly more superannuated than itinerant can still sound this convincing.
    • Tactfully, she suggested to the editors at OUP that they make the necessary emendation silently lest the shock of being faulted be too much for my superannuated frame.
    • I'm on the money train now and am looking forward to a modestly superannuated future.
    • I was invited to his evening assemblies which were, as I have stated before, frequented by superannuated women and men.
    • Now we can hope to solve the problem of the unemployed adult only by removing the adolescent and the superannuated from the labor market.
    • Underwood - a superannuated widower - has two daughters.
    • People should use the internet to inform their purchasing rather than some superannuated arbitrary knees-up.
    • Hollywood is the graveyard for all the uprooted cultural artifacts of a superannuated tradition.
    • Mind you, the annals of British sportscasting contain many examples of superannuated pundits who soldier on well past their sell-by dates.
    • A dull - eyed shop assistant feeds the card into a superannuated time-clock which has been through a retraining course.
    • Off I went, an overweight, superannuated jockey, knees hovering near my armpits.
    • The PRC's combat aircraft are also superannuated, which exacerbates the problems of the PLAN.
    • He could have spared a world of superannuated history, science, or politics, to have reversed better in waltzing.
    • I'M getting a bit fed up with superannuated pop stars flying over in their Learjets just to tell us to make less car journeys.
    • His only job is as a superannuated marriage guidance counsellor to Blair and Brown.
    • Pirate radio was about to be superannuated by the BBC shake-up that would give rise to Radio One.
    • The new dormitory is smart, though furnished, bizarrely, with superannuated conservatory chairs donated by a nearby hotel.
    • What is stopping these same artists - in their latest guises, solo, whatever - pulling their fingers out and delivering us new musical thrills to challenge the superannuated repertoire?
    • Superannuated anchorman Dan Rather plays the toast.
    • The putative author is indeed Cheeta, the superannuated chimpanzee star of just short of a dozen Tarzan movies and the sidekick of American beefcake Johnny Weissmuller.
    • The superannuated dames and amateur comedians of old are gone: in their place is a pacy and entertaining contemporary pantomime.
    • However, workplace practices and the physical landscape of the cities have improved so much that the old fears of a modern visual wasteland are by now superannuated.
    • Without regressive evolution to prune the phenotype, all species would be encumbered by billion-year-long lists of superannuated traits.
    • I know that the economy of rural Ireland operates in a hermetically sealed way, oblivious to the world of Dublin and its superannuated airheads.
    • I suspect this was originally part of a superannuated multimillion-dollar Qantas flight simulator.
    • The fracturing isn't part of the willful formal fracturing that accompanies the superannuated term "experimental."