Translation of supercomputer in Spanish:


supercomputadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsupərkəmˌpjudər/ /ˈsuːpəkəmpjuːtə/


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    supercomputadora feminine
    superordenador masculine Spain
    • It costs less to make a cluster computer out of a group of personal computers or workstations than to buy a supercomputer to perform enormous mathematical tasks.
    • When completed, the machine will be one of the fastest, most powerful Linux-based supercomputers in the world…
    • Grid computing seeks to create virtual supercomputers by expanding the clustering concept across multiple locations and domains.
    • Thus, it is no surprise that it was the sober scientists who started replacing expensive supercomputers with inexpensive networks of GNU / Linux systems.
    • A custom supercomputer uses processors that have been specialized for scientific computing.
    • In the past, supercomputers required the software to be handcrafted for the specific architecture of the supercomputer.
    • By bringing hundreds of people like you together in one room, we will have enough computing power to become one of the fastest supercomputers on the planet.
    • Together, Linux clusters and object-based storage clusters deliver commodity-like supercomputers able to keep pace with increasingly voracious applications.
    • His current interests are in high performance computer systems design, software engineering tools for programming parallel and distributed supercomputers and stained glass windows.
    • This configuration can achieve supercomputer processing rates at a fragment of the supercomputer's price tag.
    • The idea of a virtual supercomputer, powered by the spare processor cycles and bandwidth of thousands of PCs, is anything but new.
    • With so-called grid computing, even personal computers can serve as a virtual supercomputer if enough of them are linked together.
    • Using software to tie together those desktops into a single ‘grid,’ it assembled, in effect, a supercomputer to run its analytical software.
    • However, this number is still theoretical, and because there is often a substantial gap between theory and practice, supercomputers must complete a series of calculations known as the Linpack benchmark to qualify for a chart ranking.
    • The new charges relate to Unix's ability to turn a cluster of PCs into a supercomputer powerful enough to use to develop nuclear missiles.
    • As such, scientists from around the country can access the supercomputer for research through a competitive proposal process.
    • Most supercomputers are built from commodity processors that are designed for a broad market and are manufactured in large numbers.
    • The interesting thing about a supercomputer with a lot of processors in it is that it is, in some ways, no different to a cluster of computers, communicating through a network, and working together on a single application.
    • IBM has regained dominance on a list of the 500 fastest supercomputers and has also landed two unusual prototypes in the top 10.
    • Therefore, the cost associated with maintenance is low compared to expensive maintenance contracts researchers used to need for classic supercomputers.