Translation of supermarket in Spanish:


supermercado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsupərˌmɑrkət/ /ˈsuːpəmɑːkɪt/

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    supermercado masculine
    autoservicio masculine
    • Very little food at shops, supermarkets, and restaurants is local or sustainable.
    • It now supplies coffee and consumer goods by mail order, through shops, cafes and through concession stands in supermarkets.
    • Plastic also allowed larger bottles that could be sold cheaply in supermarkets.
    • The retailer is expected to convert the ground floor into a supermarket and sell the upper floors to a developer.
    • He used to sell to supermarkets, but believes their purchasing methods have forced many local producers out of business.
    • These figures represent sales in supermarkets, drug stores, and mass merchandisers.
    • Shopping malls and supermarkets are buzzing as consumer spending rebounds.
    • These folks shop at regular supermarkets yet are keenly sensitive to environmental issues.
    • Less than 15 percent of us understand how common these foods are in the supermarkets.
    • Sampling through December will be held at national shopping malls and supermarkets.
    • It makes bread for restaurants, shops and supermarkets throughout Dublin.
    • At that time, we sold mostly to Seattle supermarkets and a large national distributor.
    • For one thing, the company already distributes food products to its supermarkets.
    • As an example, supermarkets often sell items such as bread and coffee at lower prices than independent stores are paying to buy them.
    • Secondly, the company is simplifying its store formats to comprise just supermarkets and convenience stores.
    • In this novel, hippies pretend to live off the land even as they shop at supermarkets and eat at diners.
    • I believe a casual glance at the food shelves of our supermarkets tells its own story.
    • Almost two thirds think farmers are not paid enough by supermarkets for the food they produce.
    • After the month is up, the product can go on to be sold in the main supermarket if it has been successful.
    • The magazine found that visiting the local supermarket was quicker than shopping online.