Translation of supplement in Spanish:


complemento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəpləmənt/ /ˈsəpləˌmɛnt/ /ˈsʌplɪmɛnt/ /sʌplɪˈmɛnt/

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  • 1

    complemento masculine
    as a supplement to your diet como complemento de su dieta
    • it provides a supplement to my income complementa mis ingresos
    • On the other hand, the Accelerando Series is a useful supplement to piano instruction for the elementary pianist of any age.
    • All art, all education, can be merely a supplement to nature.
    • The existing commentary works as a supplement to the movie without necessarily shedding new light on it.
    • The study is a valuable supplement to our knowledge about the history of the implementation of the social market economy in West Germany.
    • Anti-lock brakes are a supplement to the standard brake pedal UI, just like power steering is an addition to the usual steering wheel.
    • Instead, they all insisted that course newsgroups should be used only as a supplement to face-to-face discussion.
    • Approximately 17,000 adults participated in this survey, which was collected as a supplement to the Current Population Survey.
    • A parallel study of regional small businesses and their owners could be an interesting supplement to this study.
    • Tesco's Internet operations and personal finance offerings also look a strong supplement to the core food business.
    • The disc continues the selection of interesting supplements available on previous discs.
    • The extras are really the selling point though; there is a ton of supplements.
    • See the online supplement for additional detail on the methods used in this study.
    • This was most likely the least interesting supplement on the disc.
    • The array of supplements on the disc is impressive, except in one crucial respect.
    • However, the implied premise that the visual supplements would provide the exhibition's historical context was not satisfactorily realized.
    • While the documentaries are the main supplements on each DVD, each comes with a number of additional items.
    • Klein's narrative style and focus on individuals might suggest using this book as a supplement in an undergraduate course.
    • Miss Eisner's book, while not replacing Zamoyski's biography, does not seek to do so, and provides a lively and readable supplement.
    • The disc's primary supplement is a feature-length commentary track by Andersson, in Swedish with a separate set of subtitles.
    • The film's theatrical trailer is the only other supplement.
  • 2

    • 2.1(additional part)

      (at end of book) apéndice masculine
      (published separately) suplemento masculine

    • 2.2(section of newspaper)

      (separate) suplemento masculine
      (inserted) separata feminine
      • Reports on the activities of these schools appeared in women's magazines or as part of Sunday newspaper supplements.
      • We supported these in-person information sessions with new brochures, print ads, and newspaper supplements.
      • The advertisements in the glossy weekend newspaper supplements are an attempt to dictate wants.
      • Most major newspapers print a wedding-themed supplement during the wedding season, while many areas have at least one bridal magazine or newsletter.
      • The site will contain editorial from the newspaper's Thursday property supplement as well as property listings, virtual tours of houses for sale and banner advertisements from estate agents.
      • Photographs of domestic architecture that include people become lifestyle advertisements that find their natural place in magazines and Sunday supplements.
      • Most property supplements have a specific section for advertising rental properties within the classified section, while local papers offer another effective platform.
      • It is understood that many of the newspapers themselves are less enthusiastic, since readership of supplements is bound to be smaller than that reported for the newspaper as a whole.
      • He shows a photograph taken from a Dutch newspaper supplement in which a beautiful model rests her head on it as a pillow.
      • That is why the British newspapers are full of 32-page supplements about her life and times.
      • As to the cars on display, most of the principal revelations are referred to in a separate article in the motoring supplement which accompanies this week's paper.
      • Still, the newspaper's new TV section - a more female-oriented supplement - is viewed as a positive in the market.
      • The aim of the new supplement insert is to promote South African art as a serious long-term investment opportunity.
      • This drama dressed people from catalogues, from the special offers of comfy, country clothes in Sunday supplements.
      • The past week has seen a spate of bumper-sized property supplements and a flood of residential properties to the Dublin market.
      • One early issue carried a supplement designed to outline the new journal's agenda.
      • Tucked inside is Assets, a pull-out supplement to test the market for a second title.
      • Today's Financial Times includes the latest edition of the FT-IT Review, the paper's always-insightful supplement on information technology.
      • On Tuesday morning, for the first time in two weeks, there was no 24-page Olympic supplement to provide hours of guilty distraction.
      • Like this initial one, supplements will be monographs independent from the main body of the magazine in which the work of a practice will be examined through architectural eyes.
      • Its Monday employment supplement - which now runs more than 100 pages and bulges with ads - carried the first serious job listings in Poland.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (diet/income) complementar
    (report) completar
    • The interview was supplemented with several rounds of scotch.
    • But the point that many museums are devoted to or supplementing their holdings with popular arts is exciting because it opens a window on unique ideas for audiences who might not have known them before.
    • His deft critique of the British media scene is supplemented by useful points of comparison with the situation in America, France, Italy and Sweden.
    • These great performances are supplemented by quite breathtaking visuals of a phenomenal quality.
    • He supplemented memories of his war service with field trips of his own, such as the test flight he took in a Grumman seaplane.
    • These findings also imply students see value in supplementing their college training with experiential training before pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.
    • Once the museum building is constructed, the new permanent collection will be on view in a dedicated gallery, supplementing the institution's long history of exhibiting temporary shows.
    • He was convinced that the spiritual health of the laity would be helped by supplementing the Latin liturgy with meetings at which religious matters would be expounded in the vernacular and in which the congregation would take part.
    • For example, it is supplementing its current range of $10 jeans with a $35 option for less price-conscious customers.
    • Suppliers often recommend supplementing the natural enemies with fly baits, fly traps, and/or residual sprays applied to adult resting areas.
    • An exposed brick chimney retains the fire's warmth for hours, supplementing the home's central, water-based heating system.
    • By refining these objectives and supplementing them with conceptual images, we shaped the architectural design for the hospital.
    • These data suggest that when forage is not limited, large increases in energy consumption can be obtained by supplementing protein.
    • Instead of supplementing their lives somehow, art and advertising becomes both a means of living and a reason to continue producing work.
    • Many of the new bankruptees were supplementing their already-handsome salaries by selling stock options each month.
    • They were supplementing the carbohydrates with protein and vitamins.
    • She pursued that dream, supplementing her meager dancer's pay with work as a runway model.
    • This was supplemented by historical research.
    • Many people depend on the tax credit money to pay for their childcare, and supplement their incomes.
    • Of course, what most students do is supplement their income by borrowing from the bank.