Translation of support in Spanish:


sostener, v.

Pronunciation /səˈpɔrt/ /səˈpɔːt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(hold up)

      (bridge/structure) sostener
      the roof is supported by six columns el tejado descansa sobre / se apoya en seis columnas
      • the chair couldn't support his weight la silla no pudo aguantar / resistir su peso
      • she had to support herself on a chair tuvo que apoyarse en una silla
      • The sixty-three-ton dome was also supported by reinforced braces.
      • A structural, or load bearing, brick wall is a wall in which brick supports the weight of the structure.
      • It is the frame that supports the weight of the prop and the child actor, distributing it across the body of the bearer.
      • Keeping your legs straight, raise your body and bottom off the ground until your body is straight and your shoulders and heels are supporting your body weight.
      • Whenever I am in an elevator, and I am alone, then as soon as the doors close I act as if I am supporting the weight of the thing.
      • The inspector ran to her, supporting her weight and staring into her eyes.
      • As I took in the movie my index fingers dug hard into my cheekbones, supporting the full weight of my head.
      • Any exercise which involves you supporting the weight of your own body is recommended to build bone mass.
      • Slowly raise your body and legs off the ground by a few inches, so that your weight is supported on your elbows, and then lower back to the ground.
      • Tractor frames are designed to support the weight and stress of a loader.
      • A structure this heavy would require an extremely strong foundation to support its weight.
      • Everything one does during the day tests the spine's ability to support body weight.
      • They used a steel beam to support the weight of the upstairs ones in an attempt to preserve as many of them as possible.
      • I do not look like a fat man simply because I am tall and can support a lot of weight.
      • Carry heavy objects close to your chest, supporting the weight on your forearms.
      • James practically carried me out the elevator, since he was supporting my entire weight.
      • This brings the centre of gravity directly over the right foot, which supports her weight.
      • The main idea is a big roof supported on only four columns.
      • A corrugated steel roof supported on circular timber columns provides shade.
      • Shrubs and the grape arbor, supported on stone columns, give the outdoor room further definition.

    • 1.2Economics Finance

      (price/growth) mantener
      (price/growth) sostener
      a move to support the dollar una medida para mantener la cotización del dólar / para proteger el dólar
      • These people are supported financially and given all assistance to be self-sufficient in our community and this cost a lot of money.
      • He's in love with her but is too much of a coward to leave Vanessa, who supports him financially.
      • One of the ways liberals hope to regain that ground is by following the conservative model of running and financially supporting candidates in local races.
      • We are supporting it financially in large measure.
      • Both donors have established charitable foundations in their own names, and each has a long history of assisting the needy and supporting the arts.
      • We're supporting the club financially to do that.
      • We can't do what we do without our listeners getting behind us and supporting us financially.
      • Embrace your universities and help make them better by supporting them financially.
      • He added that the Government had financially and politically supported the schemes, the first phase of which would be introduced over the next three years.
      • Thanks to all who took part in the sponsored walk last Friday evening and to everyone who supported the event financially.
      • Bravo to the organising committee and all those who assisted with and supported this wonderful venture.
      • Importantly, the bank is financially supported by the European Union.
      • How beholden are civic politicians to those who supported them financially?
      • He thanked all those who had financially supported them throughout the year.
      • He is hoping the public will support him financially in order to meet the living expenses which he will incur.
      • The research was also supported by grants from the McKnight Foundation and the John Merck Fund.
      • The work was supported in part by a grant from National Institutes of Health.
      • The fourth author was supported by a doctoral fellowship from the University of British Columbia.
      • The art centre is important as it supports my artists by providing a place to work and a vehicle to collect logs, ochres and barks.
      • Do you support any organizations that provide for the less fortunate during the holidays?

  • 2

    • 2.1(maintain, sustain)

      (family/children) mantener
      (family/children) sostener
      (family/children) sustentar
      to support oneself ganarse la vida
      • the hospital is supported entirely by private donations el hospital está enteramente financiado por donaciones de particulares
      • Men were dedicated to providing for and supporting their family and raising noteworthy children.
      • Other countries have been perhaps more successful at striking a balance between economic necessities and supporting the family.
      • All my life they have supported me and provided all the necessary things.
      • They don't show the struggles his parents faced supporting a cobbled-together family of nine on low-wage jobs.
      • It also means supporting us and providing for our needs.
      • Men and women had safe, profitable jobs that fed and supported their families.
      • She did have a common law right to be supported and provided with a home, but this was a personal right enforceable against her husband only.
      • He unified his state in order to support an army strong enough to defend it.
      • This means that the added incomes of four farmers were barely enough to support one student for a year.
      • How did we get to a point where none of us can afford to live honestly, earning enough money to support ourselves?
      • His job comfortably supported his pregnant wife and child.
      • We need to diversify the economy so that a single mother with a job can comfortably support a child.
      • After all, a river that can hold huge carp and catfish should, in theory, have enough food to support some big barbel.
      • Fed by upland streams, its brackish waters supported a wide variety of life.
      • This could signal that Mars, a dry and cold planet, was once an environment friendly enough to support life.
      • Our methods may have changed but we are still trying to grow food to support the community like our ancestors were.
      • Any planet with a stable orbit in that zone might be able to support life long enough for intelligence to evolve.
      • There are already more people than our planet can support on an ongoing basis.

    • 2.2Computing

      • The thing doesn't support Hyper-Threading in its current BIOS version.
      • All Intel chipsets supporting 533MHz system bus do support Hyper-Threading.
      • What's interesting about this is that the 3.06GHz Pentium 4 was the first P4 to officially support Hyper-Threading.
      • One problem with FAT maintenance is the proliferation of implementations that should be supported under Linux.
      • Axiom's products are now supported under Linux.

  • 3

    • 3.1(encourage)

      they went along to support their team fueron a animar a su equipo
      • Your spouse is there to comfort and support you so depend on him or her a little.
      • We will do our best to comfort and support them in every way while you do your duty.
      • Your loving partner supports you through troubled waters.
      • Thank you to my colleagues who have supported and tolerated me.
      • These nurses are already in post, caring for and supporting patients and their families from the point of diagnosis throughout their treatment.
      • Luke's family are now being supported by our bereavement care team.
      • At all times you must support, encourage and help your child but even more so when they are being bullied.

    • 3.2(back)

      (cause/motion) apoyar
      which team do you support? ¿de qué equipo eres (hincha)?
      • I support the Greens estoy con los verdes
      • delegates voted to support the resolution los delegados votaron a favor de la resolución

    • 3.3(back up)

      we support him wholeheartedly lo apoyamos sin reservas
      • This study supports several researchers who suggest using the neutral zone and no-touch technique to reduce the risk of injuries during surgical procedures.
      • The data presented in the study supports this suggestion.
      • These suggestions are indirectly supported by spinal microdialysis study.
      • This suggestion is supported by studies on the endocytotic pathway of tumor cells performed by other authors.
      • This finding agrees with other studies and supports the suggestion of sending a reminder to those who have not provided a specimen.
      • The authors add that this study supports the current recommendations for use of diuretics in elderly patients with hypertension.
      • This study supports previous studies in the health professions that suggest student moral reasoning can be enhanced during professional education.
      • No evidence could be found to support any suggestion he had been the victim of an attack before the first impact.
      • That is an undeniable truth with stupendously large bodies of study to support it.
      • Recent analysis of the Drosophila genome sequence supports previous suggestions of strong parallels between many fly and vertebrate cell cycle regulators.
      • The Department of Health said the report contained no new evidence and its conclusions were not fully supported by evidence.
      • The above view is strongly supported by the ion flux data.
      • Taken together, our data strongly support the biased gene conversion hypothesis of GC-content evolution.
      • Our results strongly support the hypothesis of a refolding of the unraveled keratin molecules.
      • Acculturation theory was partially supported by the finding that assimilation tendencies are linked to finding full employment.
      • The results also support hypothesis 5, that positive emotional contagion will lead to less group conflict.
      • His answers are at times surprising, but well supported by fact.
      • The herb's ability to improve vein health is well supported by human studies.
      • However, time and again these claims are not supported in literature.
      • Plenty of research supports that eating enough carbohydrate foods before a race will improve performance.

  • 4

    Cinema Music Theatre
    he's supported by a splendid cast lo secunda / respalda un magnífico elenco de actores
    • the band was supported by … el grupo telonero fue …
    • Now she knows what she wants, her career has become secondary - thus her choice of supporting roles in ensemble films such as Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Full Frontal.
    • He will soon be cast as a supporting actor in a film.
    • Why do they have supporting actor categories for film, but not for television?
    • It's tough because as Truman becomes more solitary the film loses delightful supporting actors who could have lent it a light.
    • Very few stars will agree to cut their salaries to play a supporting role in a film - Bruce Willis is one of the few who has consistently done so.
    • His big break came in 1986 when he landed a supporting role in the film Youngblood.
    • The supporting actors' talents are wasted in standard-issue roles.
    • Your family plays an important supporting role, and the transplant team also will assess this.
    • The supporting actor nominees are another bunch who can be equally hopeful.
    • A range of supporting roles both in television and film have ensured Hughes has not disappeared from view.
    • A supporting actor in nearly every role he takes, he routinely outshines those who share the screen with him.
    • Protein and unsaturated fat reign, but complex carbs have an important supporting role.
    • Angela Lansbury picked up her second nomination as a supporting actress for another spooky film, The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    • As with any epic event, the recognised stars will be backed up by a host of willing extras who will also play their supporting role to perfection.
    • In the whole process of planning a new book, distribution plays an important supporting role.
    • Memorable performances were also given by some of the supporting actors.
    • Warden is both gruff and gentle, and his performance is probably the most important supporting role in the movie.
    • There are panoramic sweeps of China's deserts and canyons, a huge roster of supporting actors - and plenty of violent battle sequences.
    • This facilitation role requires careful management as the key account manager has to be seen in a supporting role to the relationship and not a dominant role.
    • Surprisingly, it was the supporting actors who managed to steal the show.
  • 5

    (explanation/theory) respaldar
    (explanation/theory) confirmar
    (explanation/theory) sustentar
  • 6 literary

    (conduct/impudence/heat) soportar
    (conduct/impudence/heat) tolerar
    • Grief can be supported and facilitated, and depression can be treated.


  • 1

    • 1.1(of structure)

      soporte masculine
      • Officers called to the scene found the old-style red cast iron phone kiosk in smithereens with just the four corner upright supports still standing.
      • The functional requirements of a toast-rack are far less stringent, and this is one of a series of designs in which Dresser plays with different geometrical possibilities for creating a row of upright supports.
      • If it's a small target, like the upright supports of a bridge or the mouth of a cave, you need a bomb that will land within ten feet of where you aim it.
      • The glazed edge of the structure is borne by slender steel supports.
      • Other buildings lurched under top-heavy weight as key supports on the first floors had been torn out.
      • With the roof largely gone, a new roof was constructed using lightweight steel truss supports instead of beams.
      • Its 300-year-old pillars are propped up by iron supports.
      • Remember also that you cannot cut any of the intermediate supports or braces that help support the roof structure, so you'll need to work around them.
      • A wall is now propped up with supports, the pavement has disappeared and one man's house is beginning to show cracks.
      • Because plants grow from numerous basal stems that rise directly from the roots, heavy-gauge grow-through supports or support rings are ideal.
      • Thick wooden supports braced the wall every few yards, and even the gaps in between the logs were filled with a mesh of sticks and branches interlaced like a rough basket weave.
      • However, we advised against roof supports and column supports in the same assembly in order to avoid differential deflection problems.
      • Install supports like stakes, trellises, and tomato cages at planting time.
      • The eastern monolith had then been pulled over a rock-cut pit onto two masonry trestle supports, one at each end of the stone.
      • He climbed off the concrete supports for the trestle and onto the rocky island shore.
      • Fallen pillars and supports littered the streets, and all that could be heard was the sound of the wind gently blowing across the marshes.
      • The supports were standing like great steel palm trees rising sixty metres into the sky.
      • That was the night she had walked by herself for the first time without braces or supports or a walker.

    • 1.2Medicine Sport

      protector masculine
      athletic support suspensorio

    • 1.3(physical)

      the pillars provide the support for the arches los pilares sirven de apoyo a los arcos
      • to lean on sb for support apoyarse en algn (para sostenerse)
      • these shoes give a lot of support estos zapatos sujetan / sostienen bien el pie
      • support stockings medias elásticas
      • support pantyhose panti(e)s elásticos
      • support tights panti(e)s elásticos

  • 2

    • 2.1(financial)

      ayuda (económica) feminine
      apoyo (económico) masculine
      government support for sports is inadequate la ayuda / el apoyo gubernamental al deporte es insuficiente
      • he has no means of support no tiene ninguna fuente de ingresos
      • she has (financial) support from her ex-husband su exmarido contribuye económicamente a su manutención
      • She said positions at risk were mainly those of support staff and teaching assistants.
      • As a result, it is short of sufficient financial and material support to develop any further.
      • They have no back up system, no organisation to which they can turn to for support and financial assistance.
      • To help him with his achievements, he also looks up to the Chief Minister for support and financial aid.
      • The Covenanters did not lack military support when Charles sent an army north to curb their revolt in 1639.
      • He added that he would soon seek foreign financial support to ensure that safety is restored at the site.
      • The onslaught of mobile IT is threatening to send overworked support staff over the edge.
      • Behavioural support staff are helping to keep a watchful eye on troublemakers at a Swindon school.
      • She complained that many regularly send financial support to their relatives in Turkey.
      • We had two footlockers and no promise of material support, but it began a fifty-year ministry in Brazil.
      • This threat was later followed through with material support to the IRA.
      • I hope that the public, on whom these bodies depend for material support, will note this attitude.
      • It is not possible to vote no without giving material support to those who wish to put an end to the idea of a more united Europe.
      • Surrey Police already gets less financial support than any other force in the country.
      • Many heads have said they cannot afford support staff to cover for teachers and may have to send children home to avoid breaking the law.
      • The intelligence is used to help choke off financial support to international terrorist organisations.
      • It is true that Ankara is asking for foreign financial support in order to carry out such a mission properly.
      • If it represents this, it needs the financial support and backing of the businesses.
      • References will be required and generous financial support available.
      • We enjoyed strong financial support from our universities.

    • 2.2(person)

      sostén masculine
      • Finally, I have contacted colleagues who were only too happy to give their support for this letter.
      • The council said it had received 444 objections and seven letters of support for the application.
      • He needs to do so to affirm popular and Congressional support for an arduous campaign.
      • The lack of mainstream support for parents has yet to be addressed.
      • Letters of support for the proposal were being collected to present to council at a future meeting.
      • It represents family carers and advocates greater awareness and support for their work.
      • It is still illegal in South Korea to advocate support for North Korea or its regime.
      • That has created deep wells of bitterness and a collapse in support for mainstream parties.
      • Polls in Japan show support for whaling is dwindling among the mainstream public.
      • There were 14 letters of support for the scheme and eight letters of objection.
      • I will keep on writing letters to the paper in support for a hospital for Trowbridge.
      • In fact, I have been extremely encouraged by the high level of support for the theatre that your article has generated.
      • The strikers have won overwhelming public support for their campaign to escape poverty.
      • He has received widespread bipartisan support from those who know him and know his record.
      • Nervous observers sketched doomsday scenarios, but the president received widespread bipartisan support.
      • They put out their message on radio, television, and in the newspapers and gained widespread popular support.
      • They are to act as spokespersons, as well as mobilise community support for the initiative.
      • There's no doubt that this support has come from the middle class Labour vote.
      • In fact, the smaller party's support has actually increased since the last poll in May.
      • Due to a lack of support, many women give up and switch to bottle feeding.

  • 3

    (backing, encouragement)
    apoyo masculine
    respaldo masculine
    you can count on my support puede contar con mi apoyo / respaldo
    • I've had absolutely no support from you no me has apoyado en absoluto
    • the class folded because of lack of support la clase tuvo que cerrar por falta de interés
    • the crowd gave their team vociferous support el público animó a su equipo con gran vehemencia
    • I went with her to give her (moral) support la acompañé para que se sintiera apoyada / respaldada
    • a support system for single-parent families una infraestructura de apoyo a las familias monoparentales
    • He was leaning on the back of the sofa for support and wearing a satisfied smirk.
    • Sheila found herself clutching the sideboard for support as a surge of vertigo threatened to overcome her.
    • He seems none the worse for wear, despite momentarily leaning on his scythe for support.
    • Rolling over is when she is placed on her stomach and lifts her head and shoulders high, using her arms for support.
    • Matthew grabbed her arm, but she remained upright without his support.
  • 4

    • 4.1Military

      apoyo masculine
      refuerzo masculine
      (vessels/trenches/troops) (before noun) de apoyo
      to bring up troops/ships in support llevar tropas/barcos de apoyo

    • 4.2(backup)

      servicio al cliente masculine
      (package/material) (before noun) adicional
      (package/material) (before noun) suplementario
      (program) Computing de apoyo
      technical/dealer support servicio técnico/de ventas
      • In the area of technical helpdesk support, Fraser is also looking to win up to four new clients each year.
      • It will be responsible for desktops, mail systems, network, intranet and website support.
      • My main objection regarding Microsoft's whole licensing scheme is the lack of decent home user support.
      • Even Microsoft has jumped into this with both feet, and not just for home user support.
      • Some users pay a fee for technical support, but free support is available on internet message boards.
      • To beat these claims, Kingston provides server customers with free back-up memory and tech support.
      • This gentlemen was having a problem on his computer and decided to call tech support.
      • That is done by officers, backed by effective technical and personal support.
      • Parts and labour were covered, but delivery and call centre support were not.
      • All of the pre-configured bundles include software training and three years of support.
      • I do not, like those people at tech support, have a desk to hit my head on and no one can tell.

  • 5

    in support of