Translation of supportive in Spanish:


Pronunciation /səˈpɔrdɪv/ /səˈpɔːtɪv/


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    she has very supportive parents sus padres la apoyan mucho
    • she's been very supportive me (or lo etc.) ha apoyado mucho
    • his family/team was very supportive su familia/equipo lo apoyó mucho / le dio todo su apoyo
    • The Macmillan nurse who spoke to me later was very supportive and sympathetic.
    • How can you be supportive, nurturing and loving if you are competing with your own children?
    • Maybe being emotionally supportive to others over the last few days has left me drained.
    • People tend to be supportive and understanding, but it is not like somebody has died.
    • Everybody was being helpful and supportive to each other at a very difficult time.
    • I'd like to thank my family for being really supportive and everybody that made my record with me.
    • My children have been very supportive and I babysit my grandchildren nearly every day.
    • My family, who had been so supportive of me, has now turned their backs on me.
    • The heartfelt words point to a man who was supportive and caring, but always full of laughter and fun.
    • He and his family were extremely supportive of the relationship.
    • There was a great team spirit and mutually supportive atmosphere.
    • Associate with people who are mutually supportive and spend less time with friends or relatives who do not support you.
    • She has a loving family, with parents in a committed and mutually supportive relationship.
    • While generally supportive of my writing projects, Bob thought that this one should go in the garbage.
    • However, personal partners and close family remain supportive.
    • When the day of amputation is growing close, supportive psychotherapy should be started.
    • The guides maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere with plenty of time for relaxing.
    • Join the group and get to know others in a warm and supportive atmosphere.
    • People are supportive and encouraging and helpful, so I feel extraordinarily fortunate.
    • Only in supportive relationships can we deal with our personal demons and life disappointments.