Translation of suppose in Spanish:


suponer, v.

Pronunciation /səˈpoʊz/ /səˈpəʊz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(assume, imagine)

      I suppose the water is drinkable supongo / (me) imagino que el agua será potable
      • I suppose you want more money supongo / (me) imagino que querrás más dinero
      • suppose it doesn't turn up suponte que no aparece
      • I don't suppose you could take me there? tú no podrías llevarme hasta allí ¿no?
      • I don't suppose you know who wrote the letter, do you? tú no sabrás por casualidad quién escribió la carta ¿no?
      • suppose he phones and you're not in ¿y si llama y tú no estás?
      • can Peter come too? — oh, I suppose so ¿Peter puede ir con nosotros? — bueno, si no hay más remedio …
      • has Jan left already? — I suppose so ¿Jan ya se ha ido? — supongo / me imagino que sí
      • that wasn't a kind thing to do, was it? — I suppose not no estuviste muy amable que digamos — no, supongo que no
      • they won't call at this late hour — no, I suppose not / I don't suppose so ahora tan tarde ya no llamarán — no, supongo que no / no, no creo
      • Suppose that adoption has never previously been practised in our society, and suppose that someone proposes introducing it.
      • To take a hypothetical case, suppose that, on day one, an unlawful trading activity starts which is not disclosed or prevented as a result of the defendant's negligence.
      • Finally, suppose that we hypothesize that there are races, and that the correct racial classification has a certain form.
      • Continuing with my hypothetical example, suppose that this test were ordered for thirty percent of the American population.
      • Imagine tossing a coin until it lands heads-up, and suppose that the payoff grows exponentially according to the number of tosses you make.
      • Let's suppose, hypothetically, that spam is accepted, so everybody can do it.
      • And now suppose that, given the right introduction to jazz, you actually liked it.
      • As a last example, suppose a development authority plans to build a barrage across an estuary to increase property values and generate opportunities for marina developments.
      • For the sake of argument, let's suppose that we have a pile of cash that we can sacrifice for some noble cause.
      • You could make arguments on this basis, I suppose, on either side.
      • I'm shocked that it has come to this but I suppose the evidence has been there for a long time that this day would come.
      • I suppose she assumed I would bust into tears again at any moment.
      • When we didn't laugh, I suppose he assumed that Jess hadn't been lying.
      • I suppose the boy had assumed that I would be frightened off by now, but I didn't want to give him that satisfaction.
      • I only suppose there's going to be several stitches because it was such a deep cut.
      • He supposed what was troubling him was the question of fate, or destiny.
      • I suppose what's worrying me is what happens when this is all over.

    • 1.2(making suggestions)

      suppose we take this with us ¿y si nos lleváramos esto?

    • 1.3(believe, think)

      what do you suppose he'll do? ¿tú qué crees que hará?
      • when do you suppose we can go? ¿cuándo te parece / cuándo crees que nos podemos ir?

    • 1.4(postulate)

      let us suppose that x = a + b supongamos que x = a + b

  • 2

    to be supposed to + inf
    • 2.1(indicating obligation, expectation)

      I'm supposed to start work at nine se supone que tengo que empezar a trabajar a las nueve
      • aren't you supposed to be at home? ¿tú no tendrías que estar en casa?
      • you're not supposed to tell anyone no se lo tienes que decir a nadie
      • it's supposed to be kept in a cool place hay que guardarlo en un lugar fresco

    • 2.2(indicating intention)

      what's that supposed to be? ¿y eso qué se supone que es?
      • what's that supposed to mean? ¿y qué quieres (or quieren etc.) decir con eso, (si se puede saber)?
      • where are we supposed to be meeting them? ¿dónde se supone que nos vamos a encontrar con ellos?

    • 2.3(indicating general opinion)

      it's supposed to be a very interesting book dicen que es un libro muy interesante
      • you're supposed to be the expert, not me el experto se supone que eres tú, no yo

  • 3formal

    • The theory supposes that, while different people can possess some different beliefs about race, they share certain criterial beliefs and these serve to define the concept.
    • Rational-actor theory supposes that we make decisions by calm, essentially mathematical calculation of our own self-interest.
    • Presentism and the growing-past theories must suppose that this event is both real and unreal because it's real for A but not real for B.
    • This theory supposes that each offender in his true nature, a kind of rational or moral nature, sees that punishment is right in certain circumstances.
    • He and others buy into what they call the belt-of-fat theory, which supposes that abdominal fat inhibits the stomach from ballooning.
    • The argument against objectivity supposes that contaminating bias will distort all one's work.
    • This hypothesis supposes that there is a suite of potential alleles at the imprinted locus, and each allele differs in its susceptibility to being imprinted.
    • The theory of core accretion supposes the collisional accumulation of solid bodies, the process that is universally accepted as the formation mechanism of the terrestrial planets.
    • It started as the theory of permutation groups, but now the general theory of groups does not suppose that elements of groups should be permutations.