Translation of supremacy in Spanish:


supremacía, n.

Pronunciation /suˈprɛməsi/ /s(j)uːˈprɛməsi/

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    supremacía feminine
    air/naval supremacy supremacía aérea/naval
    • black/white supremacy supremacía de la raza negra/blanca
    • Naval supremacy allows a power to increase the efficiency of its resources in a number of ways.
    • It is not a battle for territorial domination, ideological supremacy or economic hegemony.
    • The global ascendancy and supremacy of the West is crucial for understanding IR even today.
    • A revolution ends when a new centre of power triumphs over the various contenders for supremacy.
    • The York ranks prevailed at home, but were unable to match that supremacy away at Leicester for the overall loss.
    • It was in midfield, though, where Leeds United's supremacy was most apparent.
    • It could have served as a microcosm of the whole tussle - the brutish and the brilliant vying for supremacy.
    • No country, say the pessimists, has ever attained global supremacy without a war or two.
    • Yet this supremacy, already questioned by many Americans at home, is in chronic disrepair abroad.
    • The Pentagon's supremacy on the battlefield is unrivalled and unstoppable.
    • Both sides had spells of supremacy, but could not convert their chances.
    • These were tough, tough men, and their supremacy in world rugby continued unabated into the modern era.
    • The death of Pompey signalled the end of the optimate cause, and the beginning of Caesar's supremacy.
    • Thus it was in this environment that independent Africa's elites sought to exert their supremacy.
    • The second half saw the visitors continuing to exert their supremacy in most positions.
    • Dingle held a lead of six points and, for the first time in the game, looked to be in a position of supremacy.
    • Both teams struggled for supremacy and it took quite a time before any pattern emerged in the play.
    • If both play to their full potential, a rousing battle for supremacy should ensue.
    • This will go some way toward repairing the damage to the principle of civilian supremacy.
    • The second was to protect democracy and freedom against a dictator in a blind search for national supremacy.