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superficie, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsərfəs/ /ˈsəːfɪs/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of solid, land)

      superficie femenino
      (wound/mark) (before noun) superficial
      (resemblance/charm) superficial
      the earth's surface la superficie terrestre / de la tierra
      • the interview never got below the surface la entrevista fue muy superficial

    • 1.2also road surfaceAutomóviles

      pavimento masculino
      firme masculino España

    • 1.3(of liquid, sea)

      superficie femenino
      (ship/vessel) (before noun) Militar de superficie
      to come/rise to the surface salir/subir a la superficie
      • all his bitterness came to the surface toda su amargura salió a la superficie / afloró

  • 2

    • 2.1(of a solid)

      a cube has six surfaces un cubo tiene seis caras
      • a plane/curved surface una superficie plana/curva

    • 2.2also surface area

      superficie femenino
      (with masculine article in the singular) área femenino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (submarine) emerger
    (submarine) salir a la superficie
    (diver/fish) salir a la superficie
    (problems/difficulties) aflorar
    (problems/difficulties) aparecer
    (problems/difficulties) surgir
    public concern first surfaced ten years ago las primeras manifestaciones de inquietud por parte del público aparecieron hace diez años
    • he surfaced ten years later in Brazil reapareció en el Brasil diez años después
    • he hasn't surfaced yet todavía no ha dado señales de vida
    • Had they both had a chance of success, the issue might have surfaced and received the real attention which the main parties tried to stifle.
    • Two main issues have surfaced with the presence of IM on corporate networks.
    • A last-minute story has surfaced, designed apparently to damage the Bush effort for the presidency.
    • Occasionally, nuggets of dark humour surfaced unexpectedly in an apparently innocent routine, sending a shockwave through her audience.
    • Now, a new challenger has surfaced, one that apparently will not stop until it attains supremacy or is eliminated.
    • Prejudices instilled in us long ago had surfaced with frightening force in a totally different context, many miles and several decades away from the conditions that created them.
    • As a democratic ‘rule of law’ issue, it surfaces again and again.
    • For the 62-year-old Howard, who already has served two three-year terms, those issues could not have surfaced at a better moment.
    • The students did an amazing job, and more issues and emotions surfaced in those two hours than in a semester's worth of most academic work.
    • I know that disability was an issue that surfaced quite a bit during the election campaign, and it hurt the Government parties as much as any other issue did.
    • The issue first surfaced when there was that 18-18 tie after the 2001 general election.
    • Apologists for high tax rates are surfacing again in the media.
    • He could even laugh about rumors that surfaced recently on the Internet that he had died.
    • Rumors surface periodically that he's on the way out.
    • Allegations in respect of these conversations first surfaced at a much later date.
    • Visa problems first surfaced for PSA squash players at the US Open last December in Boston.
    • Doubts about the consciousness of animals occasionally surfaced even in classical antiquity.
    • I'm sure some pictures will surface soon.
    • The passage that I had read years ago surfaced in my mind.
    • We protect ourselves by never letting these mutually exclusive beliefs surface at the same time.
    • He smiled at his wife before diving into the cool water, surfacing and glancing at Emily expectantly.
    • She did an almost perfect dive into the water as well and surfaced next to him.
    • Adri surfaced and wiped the water off of her face.
    • I hit the water and surfaced, looking back to see Scott pointing west.
    • After more than six hours in the water he surfaced in excellent humour, quietly resigned to the setback.
    • Kat leaned over and watched the water for him to surface, but it was taking too long.
    • It was a successful dive and I surfaced with 36 pictures.
    • I surfaced after a night dive along the mountainous west coast of Majorca.
    • When I surfaced, I saw Laura floating face down in the water.
    • After surfacing from our dive there, we spotted two southern right whales.
    • When Mac surfaced from his initial dive, the worst of the chill was just beginning to dissipate.
    • Manatees usually stay submerged for about two minutes before surfacing to breathe air.
    • Thus, it is crucial to be able to anticipate where and when the whales will surface to breathe.
    • Researchers on shore received the data when the whales surfaced for air.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (road) revestir
    (road) recubrir
    (road) (with asphalt) asfaltar
    • Concrete blocks to surface the roads can be constructed in a process similar to the roof tiles.
    • Mrs Mountford said the final houses had been built on the estate last September and the developer had promised to surface the roads but no progress had been made.
    • Local firm Chestnut Developments had wanted to build in the gardens and surface the unmade lane.
    • An excellent job has been done and the remainder of the slip road will be surfaced when further finance becomes available.
    • About 43 streets were surfaced in this project.
    • This will enable Ballykealey lane to be surfaced as well as the Royal Oak Road to be finished with new paths and road surface.
    • The dam was silted up because the surrounding roads had not been properly surfaced, says resident engineer Cass Bhamiee.
    • Unfortunately it took several decades before even the main road through their town had been surfaced.
    • That underlay has now been surfaced with bitumen and chippings and has improved the structure and surface of the road.
  • 2

    (wall) revestir