Translation of surly in Spanish:


hosco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsərli/ /ˈsəːli/

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adjective surlier, surliest

  • 1

    • Marjorie Campbell plays a sour and surly chambermaid that scores laughs galore.
    • The day-time guard at the entrance to our village is the most grumpy and surly man.
    • Instead of the often surly and obsessed golfer with a dodgy sense of humour a more humble and accessible golfer came to light.
    • You are foul, surly, nasty, unhelpful, unpleasant and clearly you have a lot of issues.
    • While normally I love a good storm, I couldn't have been more surly last night.
    • After a while a sunny day strikes you as slightly idiotic, and you need a nice surly day to keep you balanced.
    • Some that have met him have found him temperamental and surly.
    • We are pretty sure surly activity and passive disdain isn't the way to happiness.
    • Then they came to confiscate the film but balked because the soundman looked huge and surly.
    • When I first got him, he was a surly little puppy who could stand in my two hands.
    • Vending machines make it easy to avoid surly service at mom-and-pop convenience stores.
    • He can be petulant, and there have been surly exchanges with fans.
    • When I get back to my hotel the surly doorman, who has never been known to stray from his fully enclosed cubicle, grunts at me.
    • The two youngest seemed somewhat surly for a good portion of the day, and I don't know what was going on.
    • Customer service on this flight was indifferent rather than the usual surly.
    • Possibly affected by the adulation, he became more surly and confused.
    • There was no clearer indication of this aggressive new stance than the surly attitude taken towards Germany.
    • A surly teenage chick with a sidekick boyfriend stopped me and started babbling.
    • He walks around being very surly and is very much a figure of hate.
    • My failure to appear on that specific date seemed to fluster the rather surly man who had to search for the card.