Translation of surreal in Spanish:


surrealista, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈriəl/ /səˈrɪəl/


  • 1

    • It combined multiple monitors in a striking, somewhat surreal sculptural assembly.
    • The disbelief compounded a bizarre, almost surreal fortnight for the south coast club.
    • His universe was a bizarre and surreal place but his writing also hinted at serious themes.
    • This possibility was so surreal to me that I contemplated doing it just for the experience.
    • These are combined with compositions straight out of film noir at its most surreal.
    • Decision met with a surreal mix of silence and a notable lack of complaints from anyone in a red and white shirt.
    • That weird, surreal, juxtaposed image will be one that stays with me forever.
    • It was surreal and very funny - all I needed was a white cat to stroke menacingly and I was set.
    • The events still seem to have an insanely surreal and improbable edge to them.
    • It was strangely haunting and surreal and somehow gave the impression of being French.
    • The crazy collage of styles is here but, overall, the feel is less zany and surreal.
    • We can honestly say it's the most surreal piece of artwork we've ever seen - but we love it!
    • I heard somewhere that Salvador Dali used that technique in order to dream up his surreal images.
    • The whole episode, he says, had been so surreal he was expecting the strangest of conclusions.
    • She's also an up-and-coming fiction writer with a penchant for the dark and surreal.
    • Dining out in Japan is a lot more diverse and surreal than it used to be.
    • Paul is manic and edgy on stage, with the occasional flash of surreal genius.
    • It's surreal, to see somebody who looks like fiction, standing there in the room.
    • She also has a splendid surreal streak, which she doesn't get to use enough.
    • How we manage to exist like this, with these great surreal contrasts, is a mystery to me.