Traducción de suspicious en Español:


desconfiado, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈspɪʃəs/

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  • 1

    (mind/person) desconfiado
    (mind/person) suspicaz
    to be suspicious of/about sb/sth desconfiar de algn/algo
    • No wonder people are suspicious of politicians and the political process.
    • In fact he was suspicious of any technological advance that might weaken the ‘master race’.
    • She is suspicious of doctors and nurses and takes her medication only episodically.
    • This was not what the Empress had in mind and she's highly suspicious of the whole business.
    • We're generally suspicious of boxing and we exempt wrestling from all expectations of fair play.
    • Are they suspicious of whether or not the United States is the best vehicle for that change?
    • As a Tory woman I'm instinctively suspicious of positive discrimination.
    • I'm almost always suspicious of hand-me-down wisdom, and irritated by stock phrases like this.
    • One becomes suspicious of every person in the vicinity while providing security to VVIPs.
    • People will always be suspicious of the answer you come up with, even if it is the right answer.
    • In general she is suspicious of films about the music business, because Hollywood always gets the details wrong.
    • The local musicians and the tourists were thoroughly suspicious of something so synthetic, and it petered out.
    • Maybe people are suspicious of me, but the reality is that I'm spending most of my time looking at how we make the club game work.
    • After a while, the viewer is doomed to grow suspicious of a creative mind that never thinks of simply walking around the wall.
    • They are intensely suspicious of science and experimentation, and regard new technology with dread.
    • No doubt, even those who are not firmly anti-American will be deeply suspicious of American motives.
    • They are also deeply suspicious of American motives.
    • They will readily take floating baits but can be very suspicious at times.
    • Logan's military assignments made him naturally suspicious of strangers who questioned him, but Marie was different.
    • By the time Finland became independent, they were a bit suspicious of nobility.
  • 2

    (arousing suspicion)
    (actions/movements) sospechoso
    their behavior is highly suspicious su comportamiento es sumamente sospechoso
    • The death was initially treated as suspicious and Hardy was questioned.
    • I actually think there is something suspicious in the idea from the start.
    • You mentioned the suspicious package was left in front of that precinct building.
    • Ari found the suspicious package in a cardboard box and immediately reported his discovery to the police.
    • Police say they were tipped off to a suspicious package near a parking garage next to the hotel.
    • The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra has had to be closed because of a suspicious package.
    • Concern spread to other areas as well, with people reporting suspicious packages from coast to coast.
    • Four suspicious packages were examined by police but found to be harmless.
    • A bomb disposal squad was dispatched to Colchester Castle to deal with a suspicious package.
    • On trains they are being used to search carriages for suspicious packages.
    • Two reports of suspicious packages have already been reported to the police.
    • We are also urged to be vigilant for suspicious behaviour, vehicles and packages.
    • The vague information about a suspicious vehicle did not point to the commission of any criminal offence.
    • Police did not treat her death as suspicious at the time.
    • Police are not treating the death as suspicious, but inquiries are on-going.
    • Such practices, which began during this time period, took place under highly suspicious circumstances.
    • There might be something suspicious, but it's a joke.
    • Police are appealing for information from people who may have noticed anything suspicious in the area.
    • Residents are also asked to be vigilant in the communities they live in and report anything suspicious to police.
    • None of eight witnesses called by the prosecution saw anyone suspicious, he maintained.