Translation of swan in Spanish:


cisne, n.

Pronunciation /swɑn/ /swɒn/

Definition of cisne in Spanish


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    cisne masculine

intransitive verb swanning, swanned, swanned

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    to swan about / around andar pavoneándose por ahí
    • we have so much work to do and she goes swanning off to the theatre! ¡con todo el trabajo que tenemos ella se va al teatro olímpicamente!
    • he swans in around 11 o'clock se aparece a eso de las once como si tal
    • Theirs was a union made in hell and they soon drifted apart, Smith swanning around town like a bachelor with his bohemian chums while his wife Anne piled on the weight and drank Famous Grouse whiskey.
    • Taking the mickey out of modern dance, they conjure up moves by all the greats, starting with Isadora Duncan swanning around the Louvre and ending in a symphony of blue.
    • Now we move over to the Hoyland house, where Kayla is swanning around the living room looking like she's instantly been transformed back to her pre-baby figure.
    • I don't know, swarthy Latin flowers swanning over here, stealing our innocent British flowers and ‘interfering with their genetic integrity’.
    • Indeed they have, and not go swanning off fighting righteous crusades against dictators hamstrung by UN weapons inspection programmes in the cause of making the President popular.
    • The Prime Minister has been swanning around Africa at our expense, wiping out many thousands of pounds owed to us by these different African countries.
    • All those lazy swines like him get away with murder, driving around in their Jags and swanning around without a care in the world.
    • He found he derived ‘more satisfaction in ten days over Christmas than I did in the rest of the year swanning around the world’.
    • Across Russia there was fury that while the people feared the worst for 116 of their compatriots their leader was swanning around on holiday.
    • His back header confounded the makeshift Lions' back four, Brown swanning in to volley definitively into the roof of Main's net.
    • It's all very well for him to come swanning up here from London and perpetuate the image but we have to pick up the pieces.
    • The parentals are swanning off to Niue on Christmas Day this year for a little R&R.
    • I was swanning around a coffee shop in the mall the other day with good friends Simon and Bradley, sipping long flat whites and commenting derogatorily on the undesirables that were filing past.
    • But Stone's Tramell has become a tedious presence to be around, swanning about the place in almost cartoonish fashion and stripping the character of any real intrigue.
    • You went from having jet-set stars like Pelé, Beckenbauer and Best swanning around to a system that would have at best been described as semi-professional.
    • So they started swanning around the room taking elegant drags off their imaginary cigarettes and then immediately pretending to hack up a lung.
    • These people who work for the national health are there because they care about you and me over swanning around in private care patching up the middle classes after a golfing accident.
    • Everybody's taking up diving these days - but they all want to be Jacques Cousteau, swanning about in the coral with hammerhead sharks and manta rays.
    • My whole big plan is going to have to go on hold for a good year more because I won't be able to go swanning off overseas when I have to make mortgage payments.
    • A few years before him it was Gretchen Mol swanning on the cover.