Traducción de swim en Español:


nadar, v.

Pronunciación /swɪm/

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verbo intransitivo swimming, swam, swum

  • 1

    (person/animal/fish) nadar
    can you swim? ¿sabes nadar?
    • are you going swimming tonight? ¿vas a ir a nadar esta noche?
    • to swim under water nadar debajo del agua
    • he swam across the river cruzó el río nadando / a nado
    • she swam to the island nadó / (se) fue nadando hasta la isla
    • we had to swim for it tuvimos que nadar para salvarnos
    • The aquatic animals can't swim in shallow water areas.
    • There was a car on the bottom of a large body of water and fish were swimming around it.
    • Fish swam by her body, curious and their fins tickled her legs.
    • Most favored activities are cycling on a stationary bicycle, brisk walking, swimming, and water aquatics.
    • I sat back to spend some time looking into the shallow water for any fish swimming under or nearby the bridge.
    • They swim under water by propelling themselves with their wings, and may dive as deep as 60 feet below the surface.
    • A pond sat in the midst of all this beauty, and multicolored koi fish swam within its blue waters.
    • I do not know of a single species of fish that swims in that manner.
    • Richard was tossed into the sea and spent two hours in the freezing water trying to swim ashore.
    • Crocodiles swim with back-and-forth movements of their tail.
    • The water was a clear blue and they could see fish swimming around.
    • The water was clear and you could see the fish swimming along the current.
    • Many of the men crawl towards the rails, ready to jump into the water to swim ashore.
    • Light was coming from underneath the water, and it illuminated the white-pink fish that swam around.
    • The nets indiscriminately trap fish, dolphins, and other animals that swim into them.
    • Mercury pollutes water and thus the fish that swim in it, which involves another federal agency.
    • He faced another type of water hazard when he swam 331 lengths of a pool.
    • A drill to develop this body position involves swimming with fins and a snorkel.
    • He swam breaststroke for the Scottish team from the age of 18 to 22.
    • I swim 20 lengths of the baths every second day.
  • 2

    • 2.1(float)

      • My only complaint is the excessive amount of grease swimming on top of the cheese.
      • I'm one of those people that think good chili should have at least a little grease swimming on top of it.

    • 2.2(be immersed, overflowing)

      to swim in sth nadar / flotar en algo

      • the tomatoes were swimming in oil
      to swim with sth
      • the bathroom floor was swimming with water
      • her eyes were swimming with tears
      • the streets swam with blood
      • It was swimming in a rich, wine-based sauce - too much liquid for my taste, but perfect for his.
      • It was certainly not swimming in a pool of oil and was covered with a fair enough amount of batter that it was still possible to taste the squid within.
      • The feral pigs were almost swimming in mud that was covered in slimy green algae.
      • The potatoes were swimming in a delicious thick creamy mayonnaise.
      • I wouldn't change a thing in my soup of the day, which starred a little heap of veggies swimming in a light chicken broth, slightly spiked with ginger.
      • I was not thrilled to find the chicken sandwich swimming in gravy.
      • I looked over at her to see her blue eyes swimming with tears.
      • It's an interesting dish, where the fish, cut into chunks, swims in a pool of lime juice among diced onions and tomatoes.

  • 3

    (of blurred, confused perceptions)
    dar vueltas
    my head was swimming la cabeza me daba vueltas
    • the image began to swim before her eyes la imagen empezó a darle vueltas
    • She was dizzy. The world swam before her eyes and rocked like the boat.
    • Black spots swam before her eyes and she felt herself slipping.
    • Suddenly the room began to swim before her eyes.
    • Blurred, gray-blue images swam before his eyes.
    • Images of people swam in and out of focus.
    • In return, a large, heavy hand crashed into his skull and sent him sprawling, the world swimming dizzily around him.
    • The world swam dizzily around him and all of the color leached out of his vision.
    • A pair of lilac colored eyes swam dizzily in his unsteady vision.
    • Two tender, anxious, green-gold eyes swam dizzily in her swiftly failing vision.

verbo transitivo swimming, swam, swum

  • 1

    (length) nadar
    (length) hacer
    (river) cruzar a nado
    to swim the Channel cruzar el canal de la Mancha a nado
    • to swim breaststroke nadar pecho
    • They are believed to be the first women's team from Africa to swim the famous stretch.
    • Still, the final 100 meters should be swum strategically.
    • Marcus Hooper, the youngest person to complete the swim, swam the channel in 1979 at age 12.
    • He dove under the water again, to swim the rest of the way to the bridge.
    • This was to be the first woman to swim the English Channel.
    • You can't swim the Amazon without the current and the river's help.
    • She was first to swim the Bering Strait from Alaska to Siberia.


  • 1

    to go for a swim ir a nadar
    • to have a swim nadar
    • it's a long swim to the island hay que nadar un buen trecho para llegar a la isla
    • that was an excellent swim by the young Frenchman el joven francés nadó en forma excelente
    • to be in the swim estar al tanto de lo que pasa
    • At Rs.250 per person, one can also have a swim in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the cadence of the Filipino band.
    • I really wanted to have a swim in my own swimming pool on my birthday.
    • We were both in the best shape of our lives, and this swim would have been easy.
    • The unique challenge is expected to attract major corporate sponsorship and media attention, both in the lead-up period and during the swim.
    • He also loved going to the pool for regular swims.
    • There were outstanding swims all across the board.
    • Then they came back and had good swims later in the meet.
    • How pleased were you with your swims at the trials?
    • Were you disappointed with your swims at the Olympics?
    • When you have a cold or a temperature or even a flu you may wonder if it is really necessary to stay in bed or if you could go for a swim.
    • But, starting right now, you can begin trying to decrease strokes in your all of swims.
    • We also take a look at some possibilities for additional events should the team members get extra swims.
    • The lunchtime swim on Christmas Day proved to be a great success with a turnout of approximately 50 swimmers.
    • Keeping the body balanced and in line during swims is something that every athlete can work on and improve.
    • We finished with a leisurely swim back to the Scuba Park, eyeballing the marine life on the way.
    • First is a swim in the pool and then it's on to Windermere to master the art of canoeing and kayaking in the lake.
    • Thereafter life consisted of lazy swims in a pristine pool atop a hill looking over to North Africa.
    • She had just finished a refreshing swim in the pool.
    • We eventually left and got back to the hotel about 3am and had a quick swim in the hotel pool which shuts at 10 pm.
    • On a Saturday morning, you go to the pool for your weekly swim.