Translation of swimming in Spanish:


natación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈswɪmɪŋ/


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    natación feminine
    swimming is my favorite sport la natación es mi deporte favorito
    • swimming is fun nadar es divertido
    • Fishing, waterskiing, windsurfing, boat races and swimming are also favorite activities.
    • These four gentlemen showed everyone that swimming is truly a sport that can be enjoyed for life.
    • What was accomplished in Missouri was a major triumph for the sport of swimming.
    • Once the acute pain has settled, a gradual return to activities such as swimming and walking should be undertaken.
    • Water sports such as canoeing, yachting, windsurfing and swimming should be encouraged.
    • They can spend their time here relaxing, walking, sunbathing, swimming and scuba diving.
    • Experienced instructors often say that swimming is as natural an activity as walking.
    • They should also be able to give a view on how other swimming and sports facilities can be modernised.
    • I can perform other activities, including swimming, yoga, running without significant pain.
    • At most girls' schools basketball and hockey were the winter sports with tennis and swimming and lifesaving in summer.
    • Eileen also plays basketball but swimming is her favourite sport.
    • Tourism has been limited, with the obvious activity of swimming restricted by strong coastal currents in the area.
    • He was fond of out-door activities and enjoyed swimming, hill-walking and cycling.
    • It is hoped that the scheme will tempt more local people to use the city's world-class swimming and sports facilities.
    • Sports such as swimming and athletics, which don't need much equipment, are fine.
    • He said swimming was a technical sport which required swimmers to be taught certain reflexes while still young in order to be top-class swimmers.
    • I have coached both swimming and water polo at the club, high school and collegiate levels.
    • Unlike walking and other motions, swimming is not a natural activity for the human body.
    • Not much here except clear clean water for great swimming and snorkeling.
    • Place the water bottle and any swimming aids at the shallow end.