Translation of swimmingly in Spanish:


a las mil maravillas, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈswɪmɪŋli/


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    a las mil maravillas
    • Now they're getting along swimmingly, if you will.
    • All was going swimmingly well - and then the record company dropped them after spending a small fortune making demos.
    • And apart from that, I said, it went swimmingly.
    • All went swimmingly until her co-star broke his knee playing volleyball.
    • September, October, November and the first half of December all went swimmingly well.
    • On Friday I finally got my network changed on my mobile. Apparently, it ‘normally goes swimmingly.’
    • The trip is going swimmingly well so far, I must say.
    • All seemed to be going swimmingly - the satellite signal was nice and strong, the ISDN line connected with no problem, we were ready to broadcast.
    • This time, however, the journey goes swimmingly.
    • He'll no doubt get along swimmingly with his new boss.
    • It's assumed that all required paperwork was processed swimmingly.
    • The relationship went swimmingly for seven months.
    • The whole plan went swimmingly for the entire school year.
    • Things were going swimmingly, I thought, until I collapsed from sheer mental and physical exhaustion.
    • Everything was going swimmingly for the challenger until scandal erupted.
    • The conversation had not been going swimmingly, and I'll take part of the blame for the chilly turn.
    • All went swimmingly until I decided to alter my templates.
    • Everything was going swimmingly - and then people started dying.
    • That said, work is moving along swimmingly, and, for the most part, I had a fine weekend.
    • I met with him this morning and at length we discussed that things have not been going swimmingly.