Translation of swing in Spanish:


balancearse, v.

Pronunciation /swɪŋ/

See Spanish definition of girar

intransitive verb swung, swung

  • 1

    • 1.1(hang, dangle)

      (on a swing) columpiarse
      (on a swing) hamacarse River Plate
      (pendulum) oscilar
      he swung by his hands from the parallel bars se balanceaba colgado de las paralelas
      • the sign was swinging in the wind el letrero se balanceaba con el viento
      • he swung around and around on the rope daba vueltas y más vueltas colgado de la cuerda
      • The heavy black oak door swung to behind me with a muffled moan of protesting hinges.
      • I could see the shed in the distance, and I watched in horror as the door began to swing shut.
      • The litter was carried through the entrance, and the door was swung shut behind them.
      • When the door had swung shut behind him, he came to a halt and looked around.
      • I yelled, but he was gone, the doors swinging shut behind him.
      • Her hand dropped to the side, swinging back and forth.
      • The side closest the rope swung freely back and forth, held only by a rope that connected the bridge to the thick tree branch above.
      • Drawing closer, she noticed with a growing sense of dread the open doors, swinging back and forth in the gusts of bitter wind.
      • She walked with her toes pointed in so that her skirt would swing from side to side like a bell and smiled coquettishly.
      • She sighed and put her hands behind her back and swung back in forth in boredom while she waited for the two to finish up what they were doing.
      • She tickled Elissa's cheek with her finger and sashayed away, her silky black hair swinging from side to side.
      • The cupboard door swung shut and Paula poured coffee into the mug she'd selected him.
      • As the doors swing open, people begin streaming in.
      • After them, the great doors swung shut and horns sounded.
      • Her brown hair was sharply cut off below her chin and swung freely around matching brown eyes encircled by tanned skin.
      • She sat on a branch, leaning her head against the trunk and laughing, her legs swinging lazily below her.
      • Esther Johnson shook her head, gold earrings swinging against her skin.
      • The male pulled a chair closer to my bedside and hung the lamp from a hook above the bed, the shadows oscillating as it swung gently.
      • A dozen sixth-years poured out from the far end, their lanterns swinging haphazardly from their jarring gait.
      • She glanced over at the hammock swinging in the wind and sat down in it, rocking slightly.

    • 1.2(convey oneself)

      the monkeys swung from tree to tree los monos saltaban de árbol en árbol colgados de las ramas (or de las lianas etc.)
      • he swung across the river on a rope cruzó el río colgado de una cuerda
      • she swung up into the saddle se montó en la silla de un salto

  • 2

    • 2.1(move on pivot)

      the door swung open/shut / to la puerta se abrió/se cerró
      • the door was swinging in the wind la puerta se mecía con el viento

    • 2.2(turn)

      (describiendo una curva) doblar
      the ball swung away la pelota salió desviada
      • Before the ship puts to sea, it is swung through the complete circle from 0° to 360°.
      • The Compass Engineer will swing the ship through the major compass points and determine the deviation on each point.
      • Much importance is also attached to the swinging of ships in dock before going to sea.

  • 3

    • 3.1(shift, change)

      (opinion/mood) cambiar
      (opinion/mood) oscilar
      his views swing from one extreme to another sus ideas pasan de un extremo a otro
      • the country is swinging to the left el país está virando / dando un viraje hacia la izquierda
      • As opinion has swung against them, so society's attitude to fatherhood has also begun to change.
      • But public opinion has swung against off-roading, and the police are now actively seeking solutions.
      • As a genius, his thoughts and opinions don't have to be consistent because they swing with whatever mood he happens to be in.
      • A shift to a looser relationship is one that is set to move up the agenda if Britain is forced to give up its budget rebate and public opinion swings further against the EU.
      • It was a slow-moving process but, by the end of the decade, the balance of public opinion had swung in favour of the tenants.
      • Yet journalists today, more than ever before, have the power to swing public opinion and thereby change the course of conflicts with their writing.
      • During the Civil War, he lectured in England and helped swing public opinion against the South.
      • Public opinion swung strongly in favour of the women strikers.
      • This balance of opinion swung back after the launch of the single market programme in the mid-1980s.
      • He was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where his mood swung erratically.
      • You are likely to be surrounded by people who swing from one mood to another and act with false perceptions.
      • After a miserable couple of years where his mood has swung from depressed to suicidal, he is starting to feel more like his old self.
      • Within seconds, my mood had swung from joy to misery.
      • The silence had been broken, the mood had swung, the atmosphere had altered.
      • It was only after the executions of the leaders that opinion began to swing in their favour.
      • That ratio represents what amounts to an emotional set point, the mean around which our daily moods swing.
      • He escaped execution when political opinion swung against the shootings of May 1916.
      • The pendulum of public opinion swings from one side to another.
      • Liberals also could swing either way with their opinions.
      • It's worth remembering how quickly public opinion can swing in the opposite direction once war begins.

  • 4

    • 4.1

      to swing into sth
      • the emergency plans swung into operation

    • 4.2to swing at(attempt to hit)

      intentar pegarle a
      intentar darle a
      he swung at the ball, but missed it intentó pegarle / darle a la pelota pero no lo logró
      • The leader swung at him, but Jack stepped around the punch and jammed the knife in the man's spine.
      • He ducked as she swung at him then lunged upward, throwing a hard punch at her jaw.
      • She grumbled, swinging at him, knowing well that he would catch her punch before it even came close to landing.
      • The publican told the court that he did grab Mrs O'Leary when she tried to hit him, stating he caught her by her wrists when she swung at him.
      • And she swung at me again, missed, and smacked herself in the nose.
      • The jury heard he had told police on April 16, 2001, that Price swung at him and missed before the pair had a struggle.
      • ‘I ran out at him, stood up on the wall and swung at him to thump him,’ said Mr Delker.
      • The man, missing him, swung at him again, this time just making contact with his waist, causing a very minor injury.
      • About the earlier incident, he claimed that she swung at him and fell accidentally when he had put his hand up to defend himself.
      • He turned to see a man jogging, but when he tried to cross the road the jogger swung at him with a blunt instrument.
      • He missed, then swung at him again and hit his waist, but it did not cause any injury.
      • The best case scenario of swinging at a cop is you miss while his head is turned and he doesn't see it.

  • 5 informal

    (be lively, up to date)
    (club/atmosphere) tener swing informal
    (party) estar muy animado
    • Lam Morrisson & Band provided the live music and the place was really swinging.
    • The party was swinging all night long.
    • After all, this was the 60s and London was swinging.
  • 6 informal

    (be hanged)
    he deserves to swing se merece que lo cuelguen / lo linchen

transitive verb swung, swung

  • 1

    (move to and fro)
    (arms/legs) balancear
    (object on rope) hacer oscilar
    swing your arms back and forth balanceen los brazos hacia atrás y hacia adelante
    • she sat on the wall, swinging her legs estaba sentada en el muro balanceando las piernas
    • to swing one's hips contonearse
  • 2

    • 2.1(move on pivot)

      he swung the door to with his foot cerró la puerta empujándola con el pie

    • 2.2(convey)

      he swung himself into the saddle se montó en la silla de un salto
      • he swung his suitcase up onto the rack subío la maleta al portaequipaje de un envión

    • 2.3(wave, brandish)

      (club/hammer) blandir
      (lasso) rebolear
      he swung the hammer at us nos amenazó con el martillo

  • 3

    • 3.1 informal (manage)

      if you want that job, I think I can swing it si quieres ese puesto, creo que puedo arreglarlo
      • he managed to swing it so that we didn't have to pay se las arregló para que no tuviéramos que pagar
      • Even as late as 2000, he could probably have swung it.
      • At Manchester United, you had Monday morning and all day Thursday on academic things, so that's what swung it.
      • But the thing she believes really swung it was that her husband was foreign and not even European.
      • What swung it was the thought that my husband might be having to steel himself each time I drew near for a kiss.
      • But the bit that swung it for me was when she said that camping has never been so trendy.
      • But what might have finally swung it in his favour was his looks and his Face Of 2001 title.
      • According to Associated Press voting data, Democrats could have added 13 seats by swinging 49,469 votes.

    • 3.2(shift)

      this could swing the vote/election our way esto podría inclinar la votación/el resultado de la elección a nuestro favor
      • he managed to swing public opinion behind him logró poner a la opinión pública de su lado


  • 1

    • 1.1(movement)

      oscilación feminine
      vaivén masculine
      the swing of the pendulum la oscilación / el vaivén del péndulo
      • Here, layers are added at the chin length to increase hair volume and give some swing.
      • A full skirt adds swing and style.
      • Until the 1920s, the most accurate timepieces depended on the regular swing of a pendulum.

    • 1.2(distance)

      arco que describe un objeto que oscila

    • 1.3(blow, stroke)

      golpe masculine
      (in golf, boxing) swing masculine
      to take a swing at sb/sth intentar darle a algn/algo
      • The researchers referred to timing as those forces that are applied to the golf club during the swing.
      • A proper stroke has been compared to the proper swing of a golf club.
      • In addition to the above, other factors need to be considered and corrected to improve your golf swing.
      • There's been a big change in his body mannerisms and his golf swing.
      • But my children did break out with the eldest boy taking his first tentative swing with a golf club in a coaching lesson costing £7 for an hour.
      • It was a good experience to go through because I got a lot of what I wanted in my golf swing.
      • As a golf swing involves the whole body, any part of the body can be injured in the course of play, the researchers caution.
      • Someone is practising his golf swing in the nets on the sports area.
      • On the other hand, all my players have different golf swings.
      • How can the golf swings of the top players differ so dramatically, yet work so well?
      • If you think this article is going to be about the finer points of the follow through of the golf swing, then you are mistaken.
      • When he mentioned something about having a nice feel for his golf swing, a reporter asked how he did that.
      • Strength without flexibility is not conducive to producing power in your golf swing.
      • This is a very similar motion to the one that occurs during the hitting segment in the golf swing.
      • This system recognizes that golfers come in all shapes and sizes and their golf swing should reflect this.
      • Not only did playing fast boost his endurance; it improved his swing and accuracy, too.
      • I knew some aspects of my swing were flawed, but I wasn't working towards curing them.
      • He had been showing a tentative swing in batting practice, though his aggressiveness was present in games.
      • He said it was difficult to teach golf properly unless coaches could place their pupils' hands in a proper position on the club or turn their shoulders to demonstrate a proper swing.
      • He has enough power that shortening his swing shouldn't reduce his long-ball potential.
      • I'm not the type of hitter you would try to pitch around, I'm not a McGwire who can hit the ball out on each swing.
      • He'll never hit long homers, but he has such remarkable bat control that he can alter his swing to lift the ball.
      • He says he hit the ball better and his swing was sharper than it was during his hot streak, but too often he simply hit balls that didn't fall in.
      • Last season, he focused too much on trying to hit home runs by pulling the ball, and his swing got messed up in the process.
      • There were some swings and some punches as well as a few cheap kicks.
      • She quickly turned back around and took a swing to punch me in the face but I jerked my head back so she could miss.
      • After that, I snapped back to reality and started dodging his punches and swings.
      • He slammed his drink down on the counter, headed over to the man with the loudest voice and took a swing at him.
      • He took a swing at the remaining youth, knocking the hat from his head.
      • Before the sword was near him, he struck the horse's head with an underhand swing, knocking the beast onto its side.

  • 2

    • 2.1(shift)

      cambio masculine
      a swing in public opinion un cambio / un viraje en la opinión pública
      • another swing in fashions otro vaivén de la moda
      • a swing back to traditional values una vuelta a los valores tradicionales
      • the swings of the market las fluctuaciones del mercado
      • Minor parties tend not to be elected, and the constituency system exaggerates national swings in votes to produce a larger than proportional swing in the numbers of seats won or lost.
      • A swing of three million votes is gigantic in our society where party allegiances are formed in childhood and reinforced by an omnipresent media.
      • A swing of 100,000 votes in a over two decades is quite phenomenal, and it points to a future where Unionists can no longer demand that it is their way or the highway.
      • For any of the major parties to gain outright control of the hung council, it would require a major swing in votes.
      • However, we feel that the swing in popular opinion highlighted in this election has far deeper roots.
      • Such a swing of opinion reflects the people's tendency to change tack depending on which way the wind is blowing.
      • The Liberal Party recorded its second lowest vote in history, only 33.8 percent - a swing of 8.42 percent.
      • The new millennium has also seen a swing in public opinion and political attitude towards independent education.
      • In the 10 seats with the largest reductions in the informal vote, there was a swing to Labor of 0.2%.
      • That's why there's going to be a huge swing in the next five years.
      • But the violent swings in the electoral pendulum have implications that go far beyond the fortunes of the two major parties.
      • But he also possesses a majority of more than 5,000 votes - and that's after the massive swing to Labour at the last election.
      • The party is banking on a voter swing away from the government but having both candidates so close together makes vote management difficult in the four seat constituency.
      • While the vote is yet to be finalised, if a swing of that order were repeated across the country, the government would lose more than 20 seats.
      • His successive statements were often contradictory, but it cannot be assumed that these swings in his opinions were wholly tactical.
      • First, as in 2000, I expect a last minute swing toward the Democrats.

    • 2.2Politics

      viraje masculine
      a swing to the Democrats of 4% un viraje del 4% en favor de los demócratas

  • 3

    • 3.1(rhythm, vitality)

      there's no swing in their music su música no tiene swing
      • there was a swing in her step andaba / caminaba con brío
      • put the swing back into your life devuélvele la chispa / la marcha a tu vida

    • 3.2Music

      swing masculine
      • His choreography is full of intricate rhythms done with up-tempo swing and other driving jazz music forms.
      • It's certainly not easy for a jazz pianist famous for swing to turn over to bebop.
      • The band has a wide appeal, playing everything from small band swing to Dixieland jazz and 50s influenced rhythm and blues.
      • From the States came rhythm and blues, hot on the heels of swing and jazz which had arrived some years earlier.
      • Before bebop the biggest genre in jazz was swing.
      • The band performs a wide ranging repertoire, from rousing marches to the big band swing and jazz.
      • They've gone from swing to Italian flavored jazz to americana.
      • Moody melodies vie for attention with swing, ballads and jazz.
      • She will be showcasing a variety of material from the classic era of jazz and swing in a set that will include many new additions to her repertoire.
      • The second piece was a book review of American swing and jazz, and how adult pop culture was supplanted by teen pop culture.
      • The four sound very comfortable together, with an easy sense of swing that would put many long-established groups to shame.
      • If it's people who love big-band swing, wouldn't they rather just hear the classics?
      • Grooving to the sounds of bebop and swing, a growing number of artists are turning to Jazz for inspiration and finding success along the way
      • His chorus blends the most modern harmonies with old-fashioned swing.
      • She has a special feel for swing and Latin dance rhythms and enjoys seeing patrons get up and dance while she is playing solo.
      • This album of songs from 1935 to 1941 comes from an era that some wouldn't necessarily associate Billie Holiday with: big band and swing.
      • However, big band and swing - the rock and pop of the day - were in full bloom.
      • The dance floor is full and patrons are once again swaying to the sounds of swing.
      • What I do like about swing is when the horn section is really tight by itself and together with the rhythm section, and when the soloists do their solos, they could be heard over the mix.
      • Just in time for the birth of swing, he left for New York.
      • On record, he is a master of filling spaces with innovative licks, whilst still leaving enough room for the music's swing and rhythm to ease the tunes along.
      • It is perhaps the busiest of the productions on the album working more of a swing into its rhythmic structure.
      • But it's the song's swing rather than its lyrics that keep it agitated.
      • Whilst these recordings are very good and well recorded, they just don't have that swing.

  • 4

    (suspended seat)
    columpio masculine
    hamaca feminine River Plate
    to have a swing columpiarse
    • The chains that had been holding the seat of the swing up were still sticking straight out.
    • An electricity company is warning children to stay away from its cables after workers found a rope swing attached to live wires.
    • All that's left are a couple of lengths of chain, swings long gone.
    • I was able to put her in the swing or the bouncy seat, switch on the stereo and everyone was happy.
    • He and a group of friends had been playing on a swing suspended between two trees in a field near his home.
    • All that could be heard were the sounds of the swings swaying back and forth.
    • She sat on her favorite swing swinging back and forth slowly… why?
    • I felt a hand grab the chain of the swing and pull it back.
    • I was gripping onto the ropes of the swing with all my might.
    • He was swinging back and forth on a metal swing watching her.
    • He laughed lightly, pushing himself back and forth on the swing.
    • She tightened her grip on the ropes of the swing.
    • I reached the door, but instead of going inside, I took a seat on the swing.
    • Sarah pulled back on one of the tire swing's chains, making the circle it was spinning in grow smaller and get faster.
    • Taking my hands off of the swing's chains, he led me around to face him.
    • He set her down on a swing, and seated himself into the one next to her.
    • There's graffiti and one of the swings looks like it has already broken.
    • As she walked now, she looked at the empty swings, the empty merry-go-round, the empty slide.
    • He sat down on one of the swings and looked at me expectantly.
    • In the end there wasn't that much of a problem and the kids are looking forward to getting back on the swings again.
  • 5

    (scope, free play)
    to give sth full swing dar rienda suelta a algo
    • she gave her imagination full swing dio rienda suelta a su imaginación
  • 6 informal

    gira corta feminine
    • Also afterwards, President Bush opened a five-day campaign swing with a bus tour in Florida.
    • Cheney just finished a campaign swing through Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
    • Now his comments came ahead of a campaign swing by President Bush.
    • ‘This was an important stop on my current swing through the region,’ Mr Cheney said.
    • During a recent campaign swing through Ohio, a place he seems to visit every week, he really outdid himself.