Translation of swoosh in Spanish:


silbido, n.

Pronunciation /swʊʃ/ /swuːʃ/


  • 1

    silbido masculine
    • In the last twenty years we've gone from logos with horizontal stripes (a la IBM) to swooshes to geometric shapes (Target).
    • Confusingly, logos and some design signatures - such as the three stripes on Adidas track suits or the Nike swoosh - are protected from copying under trademark statutes.
    • The distinctive swoosh logo came in 1971, a student-made design.
    • Navy blue sweatshirts bearing a single foreign word, Michigan, and a well-known logo, the Nike swoosh, were piled high in a small room off the main factory floor.
    • Note the similarity of the logo to the Nike swoosh.
    • The world's largest athletic shoemaker has relaunched a website where shoppers design their own shoes, choosing everything from the colour of the famous Nike swoosh to personalizing the tongue with a word or phrase.
    • You want to pay kids to get the swoosh tattooed on their foreheads?
    • Now this doesn't explain the giant swoosh - it's way too big and too curved to fit the usual pattern.
    • And even if students have a hard time with names, no one could mistake the gigantic swoosh on the side of the gym.
    • Nike broadcasts a message that equates its famous swoosh with freedom, revolution and personal exuberance.
    • One cannot miss the big swoosh of Nike, and all the other brand names and logos, the Body Shop, and the Gap, among others.
    • Just as noteworthy are the prominent gold swooshes on the chest and hip, and the shiny new Max Airs on his feet.
    • To fulfil the new contract Woods must wear as many swooshes as possible.
    • Instead of getting black Nikes with the white swoosh like everyone else, we went to Payless and bought the $12 variety of basketball shoes.
    • Wearing the famed swoosh on its jerseys has allowed the club to break into the 130 countries that Nike reaches.

intransitive verb

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    to swoosh past pasar silbando / zumbando
    • Cars are swooshing by every so often and I find myself almost transfixed watching them.
    • The sound of it sounds like something sizzling in a pan but with cars swooshing by.
    • Trucks and cars swoosh past us occasionally, otherwise we are cocooned in the subliminal hum of the forest.
    • As I waited my turn, I saw in my rear-view mirror that, of the half dozen or so cars that swooshed by me in the carpool lane, not a single one carried a passenger.
    • The car finally swooshed out of the traffic and everything became a blur of colors again.
    • We pause on Park Avenue, cabs swooshing past, slick, chill streets, slippery sidewalks, a grey evening, a nondescript night.
    • Finally they all swooshed to a halt and we clapped heartily, while feeling a bit disconcerted by the whole thing.
    • Once in a while a pedestrian stepped off the sidewalk and the traffic swooshed round them like water hitting a weir.
    • The turquoise sea swooshed gently under the darkening sky.
    • The doors swoosh open, and the pilots are faced with a long, brightly lit corridor, with open plan rooms leading off both sides of it, separated from the corridor by large sheets of plexiglass.
    • She then pivoted and the black skirt she wore swooshed around, her shoulder-length brown hair twirling.