Translation of syllabus in Spanish:


plan de estudios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪləbəs/

nounplural syllabuses

  • 1

    plan de estudios masculine
    (of a particular subject) programa masculine
    • Joining him on the Friday evening will be internationally-acclaimed Asian poet and artist Imtaz Dharker, whose poetry is now on the school syllabus for the national curriculum.
    • Educators also can view descriptions of university course syllabi in Mexico, to see how content area subjects are supposed to be taught in Mexican schools.
    • I don't think I have met a student who studied in detail the entire syllabus of a course at university.
    • I have returned to campus enlivened by a sense of professional renewal, and I have developed course syllabi, assignments, and activities that incorporate many ideas from my fellowship experiences.
    • If curriculum is defined more broadly than syllabus or course of study then it needs to contain more than mere statements of content to be studied.
    • A recent article develops the case for more sophisticated course syllabi.
    • I recommend that you get a copy of the syllabus that you are studying.
    • Before I organized the syllabus for this course, I had been immersed in reading about environmental and international women's issues.
    • The instructors developed the course syllabus and designed the innovative written assignments.
    • Can the group leader provide a written syllabus of the teaching plan for the year?
    • If you do get revision guides, make sure they are designed for use with your course syllabus.
    • Having recently developed a syllabus for a course on the history of display, I found that both of these books introduce important aspects of museum presentation.
    • A lengthy process of six years is needed for learning the linguistic content included in a standard national syllabus for primary school.
    • The teacher went over a syllabus for the course.
    • There is often poor fit between university courses and school syllabuses.
    • Every institution of educational learning utilizes the same syllabus and curriculum.
    • Both of these elite programs publish a syllabus, which describes the material that will be examined; teachers and pupils prepare for the examination by studying the syllabus.
    • I didn't get to talk much to either of them though because the teachers had spent the whole time talking about the course syllabus.
    • Old A-level syllabuses, like degree courses, had, certainly, a paper or papers which were source-based and introduced the student to the ‘feel’ of real historical work.
    • Does it teach the exam board syllabuses your child is studying?