Translation of symbol in Spanish:


símbolo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪmbəl/ /ˈsɪmb(ə)l/

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    símbolo masculine
    as a symbol of peace como símbolo de paz
    • Na is the symbol for sodium Na es el símbolo del sodio
    • + is the symbol for addition + es el signo de la adición
    • Musical notation for instruments, based on figures, letters, or other symbols instead of conventional staff notation.
    • His contributions to algebraic symbolism were in using short Arabic words, or just their initial letters, as mathematical symbols.
    • The difficult question is whether this behavior indicates that lexigrams function as symbols or names.
    • Three madrigals are marked by a symbol consisting of a dot with a small vertical line below it.
    • For the first time, material that is also available for mobile phones will be marked with a special symbol.
    • The same is true, for instance, of the set of the basic musical symbols used in standard musical notation.
    • Basically it's just writing using a variety of symbols, or using symbols such as letters in a variety of ways.
    • Each Chinese character is identified with symbols selected from the group of ten symbol groupings.
    • Some have maybe only one letter and some use symbols.
    • The extra characters represent characters from foreign languages and special symbols for simple pictures.
    • La Route, marked by grape symbols on the map, lay there to be tamed.
    • Once all bets are down, the banker rolls three six-sided dice marked with the same symbols as on the table.
    • Their brevity has led to a system of text message abbreviations being devised, mixing numbers, symbols and capital letters.
    • The second cipher, which used several different symbols for each English letter in the text, was much more difficult.
    • When Henry Chadwick invented a scoring system in 1861, he developed a series of letter symbols.
    • Bengali is written in its own alphabet, which contains fifty-seven letter symbols.
    • Encourage students to develop their own notational system and analytical symbols.
    • The symbols were a star, a triangle, a circle, a square, and wavy lines.
    • The light revealed a great number of symbols and geometric shapes carefully carved on the floor in the farthest section of the room.
    • The outer ring had many small spaces for gems, each in the shape of the zodiac symbols.