Translation of sympathy in Spanish:


compasión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪmpəθi/

nounplural sympathies

  • 1

    • 1.1(pity)

      compasión feminine
      lástima feminine
      sympathy (for sb/sth)
      • the unemployed need more than sympathy
      • I have some sympathy for the way she's been treated
      • From this side of the water, one can have some sympathy with that frustration.
      • I have considerable sympathy with Mr S on this aspect of the case.
      • I have absolute sympathy with the friends and families of anyone that's suffered in anything like this.
      • The killings sparked a global wave of sympathy with most of the money distributed to those directly affected by the tragedy.
      • One can't help feeling sympathy with his plight, and admiration for the way he meets his end.
      • Murillo is well known for his sympathy with his neighbours, the poor and distressed of Seville.
      • Of course there can be nothing wrong with people wanting to show sympathy with the victims of terrorism.
      • Flowers are an international symbol of our sorrow, sympathy, grief, and grace.
      • Well, as it happens, I have some sympathy with people who get caught with massive software development schemes that go wrong.
      • Unfortunately, Khouri appears to have little sympathy with those she fooled into believing her tales.
      • Much of the play hinges on her credibility when disguised as Cesario, and on the audience's sympathy with her.
      • Our sympathy with soap characters is based on identification.
      • The scene won no plaudits for the students, nor can it have done their case to create public sympathy with their cause any good.
      • His family expressed sympathy with John's carer, who they said made ‘a minor mistake’.
      • She had already sent two letters to staff and residents of the home expressing sympathy with the 14 elderly residents.
      • Let me please say before I'm howled down in protest I do have every sympathy with the families and loved ones that grieve for them.
      • A large number of teenagers visited the family to offer their sympathy with over seventeen signing a card.
      • The committee expressed sympathy with all the families who suffered bereavements during the year.
      • I have sympathy with anyone who has suffered a burglary, but I fail to see how any of these alarms have much deterrent effect.
      • Reasonable walkers have sympathy with the plight of many farmers and have avoided walking on agricultural land.

    • 1.2(condolences)

      please accept this expression of our deepest sympathy or sympathies le rogamos acepte nuestro más sentido pésame / nuestras más sinceras condolencias formal
      • you have my deepest sympathy lo acompaño en el sentimiento
      • a letter of sympathy una carta de pésame
      • we called to offer our sympathies to his widow fuimos a darle el pésame a la viuda
      • Our sympathies and condolences go to the victims of this incident and the people of London.
      • Our condolences and sympathies go to the families of the Hon John Falloon and Jack Luxton.
      • In this case, one's sympathies go out to the performers who have a living to earn.
      • My buddies expressed their sympathies, then started checking their own mirrors for warning signs.
      • My sympathies go to the patients involved in this case.
      • My sympathies are ever and always with the parents, in the full knowledge of how wrongheaded parents can be.
      • We extend our sympathies to her family and relatives and friends.
      • To all his extended family, relatives, neighbours and friends, we extend our most sincere sympathies.
      • Johnathan seems to have been a really good boy, into everything, and our deepest sympathies are with his family who are finding this very hard.
      • His loss leaves a void in the community which will be difficult to replace and we tender our deepest sympathies to the bereaved.
      • We extend our deepest sympathies to all those who mourn her passing.
      • I send my sympathies to the two families involved, it's a shocking tragedy.
      • Our sympathies are with the injured and the relatives of the deceased.
      • Mr McDarby is anxious to send sympathies to the families of the bereaved.
      • The Ministers conveyed their sympathies with the bereaved families and prayed for early recovery of injured.
      • He spoke with Spain's Foreign Minister Ana de Palacio to convey the sympathies of everyone in Ireland.
      • Through you, First Minister, I wish to convey my heartfelt sympathies to families and friends of all those killed and injured.
      • The Minister met with the bereaved families and conveyed his sympathies to them.
      • Our sympathies are extended to his family and the Tyrone GAA fraternity.
      • Mr Blair extended his sympathies to the families of those who had died in the two huge suicide bombings, many of whom are likely to be British.

  • 2

    • 2.1(support, approval)

      (strike/action) (before noun) solidario
      (strike/action) (before noun) de solidaridad
      I was in/out of sympathy with the majority estaba/no estaba de acuerdo con la mayoría
      • to come out in sympathy with sb declararse en huelga en solidaridad con algn
      • However, such a claim is unlikely to attract judicial sympathy for two reasons.
      • Keegan deserves a moment of sympathy for his honest comments, but not much more than a moment.
      • An opinion poll last week showed there is widespread sympathy for the strikes.
      • I am forced to conclude that their silence implies agreement, sympathy, or collusion.
      • They were desperately trying to generate support and sympathy among people who hadn't formed an opinion on foxhunting.
      • We are therefore obliged to look upon the arguments for affirmative action with sympathy and an open mind.
      • If the comments did reflect any sympathy on his part for terrorism then clearly they were misdirected.
      • I have more sympathy with concerns about the ability of the infrastructure to support the new residents.
      • Whilst I have every sympathy with his concerns, we have to present our pupils at test centres of their choice.
      • We have considerable sympathy with the view the judge took.
      • The landed gentry had some sympathy with popular resentment of the activities of moneyed and mercantile entrepreneurs.
      • I have great sympathy with the many letters complaining about packaging of goods.
      • I don't know what good it will do to stop the traffic on the M1 next Monday, but it may lose us a lot of sympathy with the public.
      • While I have sympathy with this argument it is noticeable that no one is arguing to use the existing powers to their greatest effect.
      • Crawford has some sympathy with this view and has taken steps to ensure customer service is paramount in branch staff's minds.
      • And many lower officers and constabulary had full sympathy with the marauding mobs.
      • Now when pensioners take to the streets, the press is full of sympathy and understanding.
      • Becoming America suggests that Butler has little sympathy with that hermeneutic view.
      • The tone is balanced, despite the author's sympathy for the causes of the disenfranchised.

    • 2.2sympathies plural(loyalty, leanings)

      simpatías feminine
      his sympathies lay with the strikers sus simpatías estaban con los huelguistas
      • Republican/left-wing sympathies tendencias republicanas/izquierdistas
      • The Duke of Windsor - for years held up as a romantic figure who abdicated for love - shared those sympathies.
      • He also supports Glasgow Rangers, while he's also got Chelsea sympathies.
      • The plans also had the support of the Green Party, hardly known for their sympathies towards developers.
      • It quickly gained the support of the majority of people with nationalist sympathies.
      • Despite his old Labour sympathies, Stewart has been a consistent supporter of Blair.
      • For a man with nationalist sympathies, he clearly shed few tears for the Prime Minister's plight.
      • A Glasgow woman with wavering sympathies rejected the line ‘Scotland deserves better’.
      • I liked him because he wrote well and because his contrarian position gave him broader sympathies.
      • In this PC society we live in, it seems to me to be a Tabloid kind of a world where sensationalism and fashionable sympathies rule OK.
      • The only possible reason is anti-Semitism or Neo-Nazi sympathies.
      • Though he wrote on the rulers, his sympathies lay with the people.
      • The people made no secret of their Royalist sympathies, and he decided to leave a town ‘where he has few friends’.
      • It was a hard time because as the son of a miner you have sympathies for both sides.
      • Lash's political sympathies lie with the Agrarian Populists of 19th century America.
      • The truth is elusive and complex and Medem makes a concerted attempt to grasp it, while making plain his broad sympathies with the Basques.
      • Even then, the book's sympathies are more with his foot-soldiers.
      • Still, one might assume that there would be little if any doubt as to where feminist sympathies would lie.
      • Forget where one's sympathies lie and ignore the truth or otherwise of a republican spy-ring at Stormont.
      • In any account of a siege, one's sympathies inevitably lie with the besieged.

  • 3

    • 3.1(affinity, understanding)

      afinidad feminine
      there was some sympathy between them había una cierta afinidad entre ellos
      • Understanding begins with sympathy - recognition of the shared human condition.
      • To receive, you must give, and not just in words and gestures but in true sympathy, understanding and commitment.
      • He feels that he is receiving less than his share and that there is no one on whom he can rely for sympathy and understanding.
      • He listens politely and patiently to Dabii's request, with a smile of sympathy and understanding.
      • She reacted with sympathy and understanding, and Alex felt good about opening up to her.
      • Her sympathy and understanding were great assets to the practice.
      • They require not just constant attention and sympathy, but also understanding of their needs and thoughts.
      • Warmth, sympathy and understanding should cost nothing in any country.
      • I was given a chance to go through some of the gawkiest stages of growing up in an atmosphere of sympathy and understanding.
      • Many are thankful for just that - human contact, acknowledgement, sympathy or whatever you can give.
      • Perhaps she has, in general, more sympathy with men than women?

    • 3.2(empathy, harmony)

      a profound sympathy with nature una profunda empatía / armonía con la naturaleza
      • he yawned in sympathy se le contagió el bostezo
      • coal prices fell in sympathy with oil el precio del carbón cayó siguiendo la tendencia establecida por el precio del petróleo