Translation of symphony in Spanish:


sinfonía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪmfəni/ /ˈsɪmf(ə)ni/

nounplural symphonies

  • 1

    sinfonía feminine
    • He was a prolific composer, writing symphonies, concertos, sonatas, and dramatic works.
    • Joseph Haydn's Scherzandi are bite-size symphonies in four movements, each seven or eight minutes in length.
    • His 1781 discovery of the planet Uranus has overshadowed his musical compositions (18 symphonies, two viola and one oboe concerto, nine sonatas and various keyboard and vocal music).
    • Since the Brahms symphony had four movements, each break was accompanied by enthusiastic newcomers clapping and then falling into silent confusion when few people joined them.
    • Schumann's claim of a high degree of thematic ‘interrelatedness’ in the symphony's four movements is perhaps somewhat exaggerated.
    • For the dedication of the new capital of Brasilia in 1960 Jobim composed Brasilia, Sinfonia del Alvorada - a four movement symphony.
    • Every note he wrote will be played, from the familiar string quartets, piano concertos, violin sonatas and symphonies to more obscure compositions, such as his 100 folk songs and cantatas.
    • This left Wilms with little time for composing, but four symphonies date from the last decade of the 18th century.
    • Like the Poco Allegretto of the composer's third symphony, the wistful melody of this movement gives the score poignancy that stamps it as one of the great creations of the romantic era.
    • The work on the disc least like the others is the five movement symphony for chamber orchestra entitled In Autumn Days.
    • I was looking for someone who could illustrate the connection between the third movement of the symphony and the song that is quoted in it.
    • Like other great composers he mastered a wide range of musical genres, including symphonies, concerti, film music, operas, program pieces and ballets such as Romeo and Juliet.
    • After all, aren't the Beethoven symphonies central to our musical culture and universally popular for very good reasons?
    • A childhood prodigy, Nino Rota began as a conductor and composer of symphonies, ballets and operas, before writing scores for a large number of Italian and, later, Hollywood movies.
    • The Czechs are over-endowed with great composers, but the symphony that stirs them most comes from a minor master.
    • It should be added that there's little reason to hear these four symphonies as a true cycle, or at least to digest them at a single sitting.
    • But before the last movement of the symphony, a solo for soprano, Mahler's musical realisation of a child's view of heaven, he discreetly opens his score.
    • Both symphonies betray the composer's interest in nature and its cyclical patterns.
    • To return to the musical analogy, the symphony sounds slightly different when played by different orchestras, even though the score is the same.
    • In the 1770s he began composing symphonies, concertos, operas and theater music.