Translation of symptom in Spanish:


síntoma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪm(p)təm/

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    síntoma masculine
    • They are often found in patients who have no symptoms of gallbladder disease.
    • The infection may be passed on without causing meningitis or any symptoms of the disease.
    • How can one pick out the symptoms of mental illness in patients who seem otherwise normal?
    • Patients whose main symptoms are aching or oedema may benefit from compression hosiery.
    • We were astonished by the severity of heartburn and other symptoms in our patients.
    • The initial symptoms of acute mountain sickness are warning signs to be heeded carefully.
    • One day, he was consulted by a young woman with the symptoms of heart disease.
    • The symptoms of valve disease depend on which valve is affected, and how severely.
    • This may be the first symptom of sickle cell disease in babies, who also may develop a fever.
    • Keep in mind that not every physical sensation is a symptom of a terminal illness.
    • Fortunately, there is a range of products available to treat the symptoms of hay fever.
    • The characteristic symptom of scarlet fever is a fine rash on the body that feels like sandpaper to touch.
    • Acupuncture is mainly used for treating conditions in which symptoms are the main problem.
    • We carried out a secondary analysis of the treatment of behavioural and physical symptoms.
    • These consultations should not be contingent on the patient developing new symptoms.
    • When a patient describes all these symptoms the diagnosis should be straightforward.
    • Patients should be advised that this is a real condition and that their symptoms are not imaginary.
    • The businessman was in stable condition with no fever, one of the major symptoms of the disease.
    • Thus the test does not seem to be helpful when assessing patients with urological symptoms.
    • Patients may have had symptoms from a few days to several weeks before presentation.