Translation of table in Spanish:


mesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈteɪbəl/ /ˈteɪb(ə)l/

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    • 1.1(piece of furniture)

      mesa feminine
      (knife/lamp/salt/wine) (before noun) de mesa
      dinner's on the table! ¡la cena está servida!
      • he painted the royal family at table pintó a la familia real sentada a la mesa
      • don't do that at the table no hagas eso en la mesa
      • come and sit at our table siéntate con nosotros
      • come and sit on our table siéntate con nosotros
      • to lay / set the table poner la mesa
      • to book a table for four reservar una mesa para cuatro
      • bridge/billiard table mesa de bridge/billar
      • the terrorists have agreed to come to the negotiating table los terroristas han aceptado sentarse a la mesa de negociaciones
      • table dancing
      • his table manners leave a lot to be desired sus modales en la mesa dejan mucho que desear
      • He made occasional furniture pieces such as tables and chairs, as well as picture frames.
      • Around the edges of the room were pieces of furniture like tables and a few chairs.
      • The woodwork in the show includes large furniture items like tables, benches and screens as well as plates, letters openers and wine corkstoppers.
      • You can use standard outdoor furniture or built-in tables and chairs, or carry pieces from inside the house for special occasions.
      • Eventually, she resolved to hold her wrist down to the table so that her writing would be legible.
      • Buffy came back up in a fighting stance holding a splintered piece of the table out in front of her.
      • She looked up as Rachel arrived back at the table, holding a piece of paper in her hands.
      • Dropping her spoon with a clatter, Hope reached across the table to take the piece of paper from her sister.
      • We got one loaf ourselves, and had one piece at a table right outside of the bakery.
      • Usually four students are placed at a large table, or four individual tables or desks pushed together.
      • Mike leaned back in a folding chair behind a small round table in the corner.
      • We were crowded around a single, circular lunch table in the cafeteria.
      • Finally reaching an empty table by the window, she sat down hastily.
      • I sat at an empty table in the corner, sunglasses still on.
      • His eyes glittered as we approached the table laden with creams, cakes, pies, and other delectable delicacies.
      • He washed dishes and set the tables at a restaurant when he was a junior university student.
      • I'll ask them to reserve the table next to us, if you want.
      • Also in the room was a table with chairs and two small dressers.
      • In the middle of each room was a low table with a vase of fresh flowers on it.
      • There was a large marble table in the middle, surrounded by ten chairs.

    • 1.2(people seated at table)

      mesa feminine
      • After he left we discovered that he had insisted on paying for the meal for the whole table.
      • In the end, the table settled on getting a jug of red lemonade and a jug of water.
      • Everyone at the table seemed to instantly get up, and soon other tables followed suit.
      • Some tables kept looking at me, for some reason, maybe it was my head.

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    • 2.1(list)

      tabla feminine
      multiplication tables tablas de multiplicar
      • times tables tablas de multiplicar
      • the four-/ten-times table la tabla del cuatro/diez
      • table of contents índice de materias
      • Their current position in the table is a testament to the kind of hard work, patience and stability that is very rare in football nowadays.
      • This result took Burley to the top of the table, a position they strengthened further with a win at Menston on Monday.
      • Since then they have won ten of their last 11 league games to finish a creditable fourth in the final table.
      • So, apart from pushing for a more respectable position in the table, it is to the cup competitions that he is looking for salvation.
      • At the time when he was forced into suspension United sat top of the table, with the best defensive record in the league.
      • They filled five of the top ten positions in the championship table.
      • Gargrave have made it six wins from seven starts in the Craven Football League to stay at the head of the table.
      • But the result will satisfy neither side as they remain in the lower regions of the table with all their rivals still to play today.
      • Then again, when has the table had any relevance on this topsy-turvy league?
      • Only two of the next fifteen league matches are against teams above Liverpool in the table.
      • It leaves the league wide open at both ends of the table and a win next week for the Dalesmen is vital.
      • Reds have lost their opening three Super League games and are at the foot of the table.
      • Indeed another win tomorrow and defeat for Selby could see Railway leapfrog their North Yorkshire rivals in the table.
      • If the game does go ahead Harrogate could go top of the table as their main rivals are involved in the Tetley's Bitter Cup.
      • Hibs, even in defeat, will still believe they are capable of retaining their second position in the table.
      • Rotherham were understandably delighted as the final whistle sealed their position on top of the table.
      • Half way up the table would be an excellent season taking into account the team and resources.
      • With pounds for places in the Premiership, each move up the table is worth half a million pounds.
      • That said, Barnsley, rooted in the bottom half of the table, fully deserved a victory.
      • Eventually they were reeled in by the bigger teams but finished very creditably in the top quarter of the table.

    • 2.2league tableBritish

      liga feminine
      clasificación feminine

  • 3

    the tables of the law las tablas de la ley

transitive verb

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    • 1.1US (postpone)

      (debate/bill) posponer
      (debate/bill) diferir
      (debate/bill) postergar mainly Latin America
      • I move that that issue be tabled, that we may select a new First Councilor.
      • The abduction issue would be tabled if bilateral talks are resumed possibly later this month.
      • Following Council's usual practice, this motion was tabled, to be considered with other financial commitments at the end of the meeting.
      • The Monroeville Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezoning, but Monroeville Council tabled the application.
      • Supervisors were set to vote to adopt the ordinance Monday but tabled the item after at least 20 massage therapists turned out for last night's meeting.
      • I would guess that any ‘reformation’ of the State department is tabled until after 2004.
      • The plan was tabled only after a community outcry; the district has announced that it will hold a series of public forums on the subject.
      • We tabled the project, but remained on very good speaking terms.
      • That matter has itself gotten a hearing from the board, which has dragged its feet on the question and tabled it for now.
      • I'm tabling the decisions for the moment.
      • The decision has been tabled until completion, later this year, of the current reconstruction of the course.
      • The proposal was tabled until the next meeting to allow the task force time to clearly define how the percentages would be determined.
      • The motion passed, and discussion on the remaining proposed amendments was tabled until the November meeting.

    • 1.2British (submit)

      (proposal/motion/amendment) presentar
      • The discussions tabled during the meeting focused on creating a more unique festival atmosphere specific to Pattaya and reducing the time frame of the event.
      • Plans for the reception centres are expected to be tabled at a meeting of the British, Italian, Spanish, French and German justice ministers in Florence in October.
      • The same sources emphasise that the American has not yet formally tabled any bid for any further shares, never mind the Irish pair's vast holding.
      • He was given the news when he telephoned the council, ahead of the July meeting at which the matter was tabled for discussion.
      • Proposals for structural reshuffles were also tabled at the meeting.
      • The team of management consultants at that meeting tabled a report.
      • MPs will be able to table amendments to the bill before its detailed consideration in the new year, before it goes to the House of Lords.
      • The panel's report, to be tabled at Wednesday's meeting of the legislature, is based on evidence from 73 witnesses at 30 hearings held since December.
      • When do you expect to see the final report actually tabled in Parliament?
      • When a document is tabled in parliament, there is no obligation on journalists to give a balanced account.
      • They also tabled a motion that real estate tax be revoked.
      • Well, the Auditor-General's report was tabled yesterday.
      • The cola report isn't formally tabled, but no heads will roll for this menace to public health.
      • All the information that I have, and know of, I tabled yesterday afternoon.
      • Proposals will be tabled today to get Colchester's community stadium off the ground.
      • Provincial budgets must be tabled in legislatures within 15 days of the national Budget being tabled.
      • The amended by-laws will be tabled before the council's Portfolio Committees during May.
      • A council report containing scorecards on the municipality's efforts was tabled at a council meeting on Tuesday.
      • The next provincial budget will be tabled on February 15, 2005.
      • The Youth Club proposal did not work and he was now tabling another solution.

  • 2

    (data) presentar en forma de tabla
    (data) tabular