Translation of tablet in Spanish:


pastilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæblət/ /ˈtablɪt/

Definition of pastilla in Spanish


  • 1

    pastilla feminine
    comprimido masculine
  • 2British

    (of soap)
    pastilla feminine
    • Before the ‘boys’ came along everything at the factory was done by hand - including cutting the soap into bars or tablets.
  • 3

    placa feminine
    (commemorative, of stone) lápida feminine
    • As if memories were not enough, two stone tablets with inscriptions and a copper plate were unearthed from inside the church.
    • Any significant ancient ruler required a personal seal for signing clay tablets and other inscriptions.
    • Many of these Han burials were readily identifiable by inscribed stone stelae, tablets recording the name, titles, and dates of the deceased.
    • Our signs carved in stone, inscribed on clay tablets, painted on walls, papyrus or on pieces of leather, could be transported to different places and people.
    • An old walled kitchen garden to the east has become the setting for stone tablets inscribed by letter cutters.
    • They are found carved in rock, ceramics, clay tablets, mosaics, manuscripts, stone patterns, turf, hedges, and cathedral pavements.
    • The tablet's inscription tells the story of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty.
    • Moses is clutching under his right arm what must be the twin tablets of stone upon which he inscribed the Ten Commandments.
    • From beneath mounds of sand and debris, Babylon and Nineveh were exposed to view together with whole libraries of clay cuneiform tablets.
    • The names of foreign enemies and Egyptian traitors were inscribed on clay pots, tablets, or figurines of bound prisoners.
    • This story of Moses' summons to go to the mountain to receive the tablets of stone would have been a familiar text to temple leaders and other practicing Jews of Jesus' day.
    • This cult of sacrifice is eulogised in a number of inscriptions on tablets called the hero-stones found in this part of the country and these glorify the warrior clans and their valor.
    • The clay cuneiform tablets, only inches tall, record business from about 2000 B.C.
    • Among them is a single display of Babylonian cuneiform tablets that accounts for nine missing items.
    • The oldest extant writing surfaces include Babylonian clay tablets and Indian palm leaves.
    • We have an inscription on a stone tablet which contains a date which translates to 876.
    • An old walled kitchen garden to the east has become the setting for stone tablets inscribed by letter cutters.
    • Representations of votive tablets on pillars, however, also occur on a number of regular votive reliefs.
    • A votive tablet found in Plovdiv and now housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia depicts one such occurrence.
    • Thousands of cuneiform tablets and ancient Christian, Muslim and Jewish manuscripts are gone.
  • 4

    (for writing)
    tablilla feminine
    • Legal pad enthusiasts do seem to have a psychological connection to their writing tablets.
    • It consisted of a video of a little girl's hand clasping a pencil and writing on a tablet.
    • Pulling his writing tablet from his harness pouch, Alan retrieved the pen he'd placed in the side of his war collar.
    • In her arms was a writing tablet and a pencil, looking like they were about to fly out of her hands at any moment.
    • She is sitting at her window with her writing tablet, the full moon providing substantial light.
    • And speaking of notes, an anonymous hand-scrawled poem mysteriously appeared on a communal writing tablet in the bathroom that night.
  • 5

    (pad of paper)
    bloc masculine