Translation of tackle in Spanish:


enfrentar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæk(ə)l/ /ˈtak(ə)l/

See Spanish definition of placaje


  • 1

    sports tackle equipo de deporte
  • 2

    (in rugby, US football) placaje masculine
    (in rugby, US football) tacle masculine Latin America
    (in soccer) entrada fuerte feminine
    • He puts a stop to the Swede's gallop with a fine tackle.
    • He is much better when he can read the play, flow to the ball and make the tackle.
    • He took his line ball when needed, he made some big tackles and was effective with ball in hand.
    • Wiltord runs at Cisse and is relieved of the ball by a wonderful tackle from Cisse, who's having a fantastic game.
    • Farmer's at his best when he's grinding out the yards between the tackles, but he possesses the moves to make anyone miss.
    • He does not break as many tackles as one might expect from a player of his dimensions.
    • Can a player breaking tackles on the fringes of the college football universe win the game's ultimate prize?
    • Everybody is athletic enough to make that last-ditch tackle or cover that gap when someone is a bit tired.
    • Healy put in a superb crunching tackle in the first few minutes that set the tone for the evening.
    • Every crunching tackle was cheered, every spinning pass applauded.
  • 3

    aparejo masculine
    polea feminine
    • They pumped out water and used ropes and tackle to lift and pull pieces of the aircraft apart to conduct a search for hazardous components.
    • Lifting tackle can take up scenery and properties weighing a ton through a trap door in the roof to the second floor, 25 feet above.
    • Above this pit at the Water Works was mounted a steel beam carrying two block and tackles so as to be able to lift the motors in flood time or for servicing.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(come to grips with)

      (problem) enfrentar
      (problem) abordar
      (problem) tratar de resolver
      (subject) tratar
      (task) abordar
      (task) emprender
      candidates should tackle all questions los candidatos deben intentar contestar todas las preguntas
      • are you ready to tackle the garden now? ¿estás listo para emprenderla con / atacar el jardín?
      • Regardless of the magnitude of the task, tackle it with all of your heart, soul and mind.
      • Firefighters successfully tackled the blaze before being called back when it became apparent the roof was going to collapse.
      • And that's where the new academy leadership is tackling this problem head-on.
      • Firefighters were already tackling another blaze just 200 yards away at Basildon railway station.
      • Thirty firefighters tackled the blaze which set light to more than 100 scrap cars.
      • The district administration is also in the process of formulating some plans for effectively tackling the issue.
      • To date, Maryland has successfully tackled the issue of transferring an occupational associate's degree.
      • The officers involved were traffic police, but they are responsible for tackling all crimes.
      • Without the rise, the government will not tackle child poverty, it says.
      • Different areas and tasks are tackled on a weekly basis.
      • A network of experts is being set up across the country to tackle bullying in schools.
      • The authority is already taking steps to tackle flooding across the district, he added.
      • I'm more inclined to suppose that the misadventures arise piecemeal, needing to be tackled on a case-by-case basis.
      • The European Commission has outlined how this problem is being tackled at a European level.
      • He believes that the problem must be tackled at ground level first.
      • Police see the scheme as a way to empower communities to tackle speeding hot spots.
      • She is backing the Safer Streets Coalition which is calling for more Government action to tackle speeding.
      • Road safety should be tackled with the same enthusiasm as the firearm issue is now - systematically and with purpose.
      • Our crews tackled the fire inside and found upstairs three young children.
      • The measures were introduced as part of a drive to tackle soaring levels of anti-social behaviour.

    • 1.2(confront)

      (intruder/colleague) enfrentar
      (intruder/colleague) enfrentarse con
      no one had the guts to tackle him nadie se atrevió a enfrentársele / a enfrentarse con él
      • it's high time you tackled him about the rent ya es hora de que le plantees cara a cara lo del alquiler
      • He made the promise as the Evening Telegraph went to Downing Street to tackle him on the issue.
      • She's tackling him for, well tackling her on the issue of productivity.
      • During the discussion none of the councillors tackled him about the remarks.
      • He said he would defend anyone's right to tackle another person on a issue but nobody was entitled to act the way that he had.

  • 2

    (in rugby, US football) placar
    (in rugby, US football) taclear Latin America
    (in soccer) entrarle a
    • Today, contemporary hockey has few who can hold a candle to Tirkey when it comes to tackling, intercepting and despatching the ball to safety zones.
    • He is a very good at tackling and winning the ball back if it is lost.
    • The Armagh team were tackling very hard, making the Limerick men fight for every ball.
    • I felt he should have gone off after the first time he was injured as he is trying to prove that he is as strong as he was before and is tackling people he doesn't need to tackle.
    • He was tackled twice, he stayed on his feet and he conjured up a goal.
    • As of 1956, grabbing was legal exclusively for tackling the ball-carrier.
    • When the Sooners ran directly at him, which was not that often, most of the time he shed his blocker and tackled the ballcarrier for a short gain.
    • Then imagine moving in to tackle an oncoming ballcarrier who is bigger.
    • He was last night found guilty of transgressing rugby rules when he tackled an opponent without the ball and has been suspended for six weeks.
    • A normal quarterback does not lower his head and bull forward like a fullback when being tackled.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    taclear Latin America