Translation of tactile in Spanish:


táctil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtæktl/ /ˈtækˌtaɪl/ /ˈtaktʌɪl/

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    • I first become fully aware of my own tactile sense.
    • There are 10,000 tactile receptors on the skin of one hand awaiting signals.
    • As an adult, the still-lonely Amélie struggles to connect with anyone and takes pleasure in such simple, tactile things as skimming stones or thrusting her hand into a bag of dried lentils.
    • Imagery should involve as many of the five senses - auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory and kinesthetic - as possible.
    • The architecture of the brain attaches a very complex structure to each region of the visual or tactile field, a kind of a minibrain connected to all the other minibrains.
    • By playing with these cards, children were meant to acquire a sense of order through their tactile as well as their visual experiences.
    • Children who choose to trace over the letters will get a tactile as well as a visual sense of the letter shape.
    • Be creative, for our connection with herbs is distinctly tactile.
    • Apes are particularly adept at tactile communications; that is use of touch.
    • Add tactile and personal touches that are likely to improve the bonding between buyer and seller.
    • The card is inserted into and ejected out of the connector body by a reliable, tactile push action.
    • As a measure for exploration, we assessed latencies between introduction of the objects and first tactile contact, the number of objects touched, and the duration of tactile exploration.
    • We are all the subjects of a constantly changing stream of sensory experience - visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory - that puts us in touch with objects and events in our environment.
    • The perception of being pressed by a cat was not always based on visual hallucination and physical testimony, but also on tactile sensation.
    • Just as our evolved visual preferences are the raw material for visual art, so our evolved tactile preferences are the raw material for massage.
    • What resulted was a game that appealed to neither the physical exhilaration of basketball or the tactile delight of its medium.
    • In dreams, we can experience sights, sounds, and tactile sensations, in the real absence of the objects of sensation.
    • The pad of the trigger finger should be able to feel the holster material pass beneath it - one more tactile index of safety, as the gun, slides into its receptacle.
    • And since people are still unaccustomed to the feel of the new paper, they won't notice if your fakes aren't a perfect tactile match.
    • When conflicts between the senses occur, vision tends to bias both auditory and tactile perception.