Translation of tad in Spanish:


pequeño, n.

Pronunciation /tæd/ /tad/


  • 1US dated

    (small boy)
    pequeño masculine
  • 2

    a tad un poco
    • A tad more pressure, the paper blots, and the picture goes awry.
    • A tad more emotional wallowing might be desired by some, but I don't find it lacking in depth or enjoyment.
    • A tad more luck in front of goal and it could have been a different outcome.
    • I leaned over Justin and rolled down the window the tiniest tad.
    • Growth of 3% is perhaps a more tad more realistic.
    • A tad too much and it can control the whole drink.
    • With tad of green eyeliner bringing out my brown eyes and clear gloss smudged on my full lips, I was ready to go.
    • A tad more modesty, and less time spent on delivering spin to the English media, might have produced a different result.
    • I for my part kept my distance, partly out of a still remaining tad of guilt and partly out of an odd feeling that after all that had gone before I wasn't sure quite what to say to her on her departure.