Translation of talent in Spanish:


talento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtælənt/ /ˈtalənt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(aptitude, skill)

      talento masculine
      to have musical/artistic talent tener talento musical/artístico
      • she has a talent for languages tiene mucha facilidad para los idiomas
      • with his usual talent for saying the wrong thing con su habilidad característica para meter la pata
      • A talent for design and beauty makes visual art or architecture a good choice of profession.
      • By dint of hard work and determination Piper used his natural artistic talent and practical skills to great effect.
      • Madison is a refreshing mature artist with natural talent and strong views about all aspects of her music and career.
      • Stunning works of art in their own right, they display his artistic talent and great flair for design.
      • Jamie has a reading age of nine and has poor writing and maths skills, but has a talent for working with his hands.
      • Tutors at the college were bowled over by her natural artistic talent and offered her a place on the course.
      • Trusting in her talent and staying in touch with reality seems to have been the wisest career plan of all so far.
      • Son of Imelda and Tom, Emmet showed great artistic talent and ability from a very early age.
      • Late in life she showed a talent for understanding technical briefings.
      • He is a player of real talent and skill and has the ability to make a real and lasting impression at the highest level.
      • His ability to mix music and his emerging studio talent made many artists visit his studio to record.
      • Stiles especially shows a talent for deadpan comedy that very few of her recent films have given her the opportunity to show.
      • Kalina is also very creative, with a talent for painting and design, and wants to be a fine arts dealer.
      • A former Westhoughton man who had a talent for recording his life and times has left an interesting legacy.
      • Kate was a popular pupil at school, with a talent for art, music and drama.
      • His mother, Jini, was an artist and his father, Mark, a farmer with a talent for photography.
      • As a child and as a teenager, I often wrote fiction for pleasure, and was told that I had a talent for it.
      • One of her most endearing qualities is a talent for comedy, although she is not aware of it herself.
      • She proved to have such a talent for ballet that she will now be trained with the best in the country.
      • Her soulful lyrical style and dedication to dance has seen her jump up to fore of local young musical talent.

    • 1.2(talented people)

      gente con talento feminine
      • He had come all the way from a small village to watch the best of talent gathered from all over the country.
      • The supporters relish watching home-grown talent.
      • Three top talent spotters will open a new office in Glasgow tomorrow to sign up the cream of the country's new talent.
      • On Saturday, he will come up against the latest generation of footballing talent.
      • Throughout his long career, Domingo has been devoted to fostering the next generation of talent.
      • Still performing in his own right, he now spends much of his time coaching and advising a new generation of talent.
      • These creative young people are part of the vanguard of new talent blossoming in our midst.
      • Jazz came to town at the weekend with Bingley becoming home to some of the nation's brightest jazz talent.
      • The film is quintessentially British and showcases some of the country's finest talent.
      • The new venture aims to find and polish the next generation of showbiz talent.
      • Populated by such enormous talent, the music industry can be a daunting world to enter.
      • The cream of local musical talent have come together to perform in aid of this very good cause.

    • 1.3British informal (attractive women or men)

      they were eying up the talent estaban pasando revista al personal presente humorous
      • not much talent here tonight! ¡esta noche no hay nadie que valga la pena!

  • 2

    talento masculine
    • So set my ransom as you wish, tribune -- calculated in talents not sesterces.
    • Each amount mentioned is a combination of an amount in gold - a fraction of a gram in each case — and an amount in talents.