Traducción de tardiness en Español:


tardanza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɑrdinəs/ /ˈtɑːdɪnəs/

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formal, literario
  • 1

    tardanza femenino
    retraso masculino
    demora femenino América Latina
    • Luckily, the plane was delayed, so their tardiness at Heathrow went unnoticed.
    • Rigidity in the labour market, wage-induced inflation and tardiness in technological adaptation were the predictable results.
    • Humiliated by its tardiness in plugging into the Internet boom, Japan is determined not to suffer the same indignity in bioscience.
    • My tardiness has been heavily influenced by my employment commitments and, as such, was somewhat unavoidable.
    • I owe a few people email responses but I know I'll be forgiven for my tardiness.
  • 2

    (slowness) lentitud femenino
    (delay) tardanza femenino