Traducción de task en Español:


tarea, n.

Pronunciación /tæsk/ /tɑːsk/

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    tarea femenino
    I had the unpleasant task of breaking the news to him me tocó la desagradable tarea de darle la noticia
    • a body whose task it is to … un organismo que tiene como cometido / cuyo cometido es …
    • I had to persuade her, no easy task tuve que convencerla, lo cual no fue nada fácil
    • to give / set sb a task asignarle una tarea a algn

verbo transitivo

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    to task sb to do sth/with doing sth asignarle / encomendarle a algn la tarea de hacer algo
    • While Porter heads for the mainland to get the boat repaired, Sandy is tasked with a load of chores.
    • Each student group was tasked with carrying out a market research project and produced a marketing plan for their assigned client company.
    • Now the group, which is tasked with monitoring stop and search use in Lewisham, is planning an educational video so young people are fully aware of their rights.
    • There's a special division of career Justice Department officials who are tasked with doing this kind of work.
    • The 40-year-old was principally tasked with organising the Prince's social diary and entertaining.
    • The committee was tasked with deliberating the content of the bill, while the special team has dealt mainly with the bill's wording.
    • Every local authority in London has been tasked with increasing recycling and Lewisham was targeted to reach 10 per cent.
    • The audit agency is tasked with examining the implementation of the state budget and the financial reports of state institutions.
    • Occasionally, I was tasked with cleaning the room and re-inventorying the canned goods.
    • And still other from the Texas National Guard are tasked with purifying drinking water.
    • They have been tasked with adjudicating on individual claims.
    • Children will be tasked with picturing their group activities or special events over the next two months in time for the June 30 deadline.
    • The talented team of lighting, stage and sound technicians are tasked with bringing to life the first ever performances in the Orangery.
    • Several staff members were tasked with lightly re-editing stories and headlines each day for the new format.
    • Hammond was tasked with moving in to make necessary changes.
    • She was tasked with translating documents and recordings from FBI wire taps.
    • We're tasked with ensuring areas are swept free of any possible explosive devices left by a would-be assassin.
    • The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was tasked with providing advice to States on the implementation of the Platform for Action.
    • They were armed with air-to-air missiles only, and were tasked with destroying airborne threats.
    • A planned conference committee hearing has been tasked with resolving these conflicting numbers.