Translation of taxi in Spanish:


taxi, n.

Pronunciation /ˈtæksi/ /ˈtaksi/

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nounplural taxis

  • 1

    taxi masculine
    to go by taxi ir en taxi
    • taxi ride carrera
    • taxi service servicio de taxi(s)

intransitive verb taxies, taxiing, taxying, taxied

  • 1

    (when taking off) rodar por la pista de despegue
    (when landing) rodar por la pista de aterrizaje
    carretear Latin America
    • Airplanes taxiing for takeoff, for instance, must wait for departing aircraft to take off, or for landing aircraft to arrive and clear the runway.
    • Glinting in the pinkish sunlight, the aircraft taxied slowly across the busy airport and took off on schedule 25 minutes later.
    • The ground crew then refit the pogos so the aircraft can taxi back to the hangar.
    • During that time, restrictions were put on planes taxiing, taking off and landing at Frankfurt's Rhein-Main airport, and that trickled back through the system.
    • Incidentally, once the plane is taxiing out for takeoff, similar noises you hear are most likely the flaps and slats being extended for takeoff.
    • Look at it as you would an aircraft taxiing onto the runway and adding power for takeoff, where the really hard part is overcoming inertia and gaining enough speed for liftoff.
    • Soon, the aircraft taxied down the runway, and took off into the clear horizon.
    • You actually feel this could be solid preparation for your first flying lesson, as the gravel-voiced military tutor takes you through taxiing, take-off, landing and air-to-air combat situations.
    • However, as the aircraft taxied for departure, the military authorities reversed their decision and a truck loaded with armed men was despatched to block the runway.
    • The local ground crew reset the gear as each aircraft taxied clear.
    • And there was an unmistakable atmosphere of satisfaction from the waiting ground crews when the aircraft taxied towards them.
    • The California Highway Patrol discovered that its directives didn't allow for airplanes taxiing on public roads.
    • Five people suffered minor injuries during the evacuation, ordered by the plane's captain after smoke was spotted in a toilet at the rear of the Fokker 100 aircraft as it taxied for take-off.
    • The plane taxied, took off, and flew high into the clouds.
    • After waiting for twenty minutes, the plane finally taxied and took off.
    • All eyes were on our aircraft as we taxied out of the landing area.
    • The plane, bound for Tenerife, had to be diverted to Lisbon but Beardsell started fighting with his girlfriend's brother in the galley as the aircraft taxied to a halt.
    • Bound for France, the aircraft was taxiing out to the runaway at Stansted airport when my wife Jean became quite fidgety.
    • When your plane makes its soft water landing and taxis up to the dock at the Alderbrook Resort & Spa, life slows down.
    • Unable to gain enough power to take off, the two airmen taxied the aircraft 15 miles back to Azuzeyih.
    • A No.75 Squadron pilot taxies a Hornet out on to the runway at RAAF Base Tindal for a mission during Exercise Aces North.
    • Use caution in taxiing retractable-gear aircraft through slush or mud.
    • Now, one thing I do not know was whether he had nose wheel steering, which we have when we taxi the airplane at slower speeds.
    • Directional control was maintained and the aircraft was taxied clear of the runway.
    • The three pilots taxied the plane onto a runway that had been closed for repairs, and in the process of taking off, slammed the aircraft into construction machinery.
    • As soon as it was ready to be taxied I completed taxiing tests.
    • I am a pilot, and taxiing my plane to the hanger, Sophia came forward and climbed up in the copilot's seat.
    • During March, Carolyn Grace taxied her two-seat Spitfire into a Jet Ranger helicopter at Duxford, England.
    • Even taxiing a twin is more interesting than a single.
    • At Desert One, all the C-130s had landed and were taxied into place.
    • Steve taxied the Lightning and did a fast run down the runway and except for a minor hydraulic problem, pronounced the plane to be in fine condition.
    • Some weeks before, he saw me taxi a P-40 out of the parking area and head for the active runway.
    • It became common practice to tow the Airacobras to the end of the runway rather than taxi them.
    • After landing, the Spitfire was taxied into a hangar, where it was kept overnight until yesterday when it performed another fly-past.
    • Rob continued to taxi the airplane closer as the Marines ran on ahead.
    • He taxied the jet into position and advanced the throttles to military power.
    • He taxied the TAF into the hanger and shut down the engines.
    • And it has the expertise to ensure it could be taxied for display purposes and brought back to flying fitness if that was required.
    • We got the signal to kneel the jet and waited to be taxied into the shuttle.