Translation of teeny in Spanish:


chiquitito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtini/ /ˈtiːni/

adjective teenier, teeniest

  • 1

    a teeny bit un poquitín
    • he's a teeny bit shy es un poquitín tímido
    • Most of them started out as teeny tiny babies, after all.
    • Somehow, his voice made her feel a very, very, very teeny tiny bit of homesickness.
    • Over a low flame, add teeny tiny bits of butter one at a time, turning slowly with a fork.
    • Then a bit later there was this teeny tiny little woman walking ahead of me.
    • I am only looking at tiny teeny places and not some estate.
    • The solution is one of those teeny tiny lights that clip onto the book.
    • I just took this photo of the light fitting here in our living room with my teeny tiny camera.
    • The hole in the floor was teeny tiny and located under various shelves I had to crawl around to gain access.
    • The animations of the units are smooth and use high quality models (even though they are teeny tiny).
    • Pulling aside the curtains, she stepped out with the teeny tiny shirt hanging off her teeny tiny frame.
    • Of course, there may just be a teeny, tiny problem with that plan of action.
    • So someone had the unenviable task of condensing a five decade recording career into one teeny tiny album.
    • He has left me and gone into a teeny tiny world full of bleeping things.
    • Have you ever read the ingredients in the teeny, tiny print on a tin of commercial dog food?
    • The postage is a teeny bit more, but nothing that's going to break the bank.
    • I'm a teeny bit lazy and I like it to happen right in front of me.
    • That star is actually a teeny bit older than I am, but not so much as to make a difference.
    • But the ones it affects the most are the teeny babies, premature babies, or ones with lung problems.
    • About an hour later I was a teeny bit gigglier than usual.
    • Then for the crust, you need flour, butter, milk, and a teeny bit of salt.