Translation of televise in Spanish:


televisar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛləˌvaɪz/ /ˈtɛlɪvʌɪz/

Definition of televisar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    (event/interview/game) televisar
    (event/interview/game) transmitir
    (event/interview/game) retransmitir Spain
    • That these debates are televised and recorded for posterity are implicit in a democracy.
    • Crowds of 80,000 watched at Wembley and the event was televised for the first time by the BBC.
    • In recent years, their expertise now produces televised cricket in India.
    • Not many literary launches are televised live and few audiences are so euphoric.
    • The parade is the largest in the world and is usually televised live across the United States.
    • This year, Cup Match was televised live and in its entirety for the first time.
    • Events will also be televised on the big screen in the centre's food hall.
    • The ceremony was due to be televised for the first time on Channel Four today.
    • The hearing will be in public and screened on television but the later evidence sessions will not be televised.
    • In 1989, proceedings in the House of Commons were televised for the first time.
    • He was scheduled to make a nationally televised address Friday night about the deadly riot.
    • There will be a prize for the challenge match winner and the event might be televised, though this has yet to be confirmed.
    • The event is also being televised to thousands more armchair spectators.
    • Each host town will have two people present at the opening ceremony which will be televised.
    • Viewers can find out exactly how the couple did when the results of the sale and auction is televised next February.
    • The winners of these heats will compete against each other in the national finals to be televised in November.
    • Moreover, the play-off series was the first sports event to be televised from coast to coast.
    • He learns he is to give evidence to the foreign affairs select committee, which would be televised.
    • Their tournaments are televised, the winners are garlanded with fame and money.
    • The two-hour show was televised on the national network so the whole country could watch.