Translation of tent pole in Spanish:

tent pole

palo, n.

Definition of palo in Spanish


  • 1

    palo masculine
    • Dressed just in pyjamas, they attempted to secure the tent in a howling gale, only to discover a tent pole had broken.
    • There's a slab of concrete where the tent pole goes in.
    • Lounging against barriers erected for crowd control, they offered unsolicited advice to frazzled young ladies tangled in a complex mass of tent poles.
    • Don't touch metallic objects like ice axes, crampons, tent poles, or jewelry.
    • I pack my tent poles in old pillowcases or a canvas bag to prevent accidental punctures to tent fabric.
    • No tent poles, no tripping over strings, that is no arguments, no mud leaking into the Nylon House.
    • A local reporter also suffering a concussion after he was hit by a tent pole.
    • Certainly the ground reveals the existence of brick structures and holes for tents poles.
    • Mules and donkeys walk among them, some saddled and laden, others bearing wooden tent poles.
    • Three days later, the runner spotted a small Muslim shrine, and he set his Italian flag outside on a tent pole.
    • Opening ceremonies were interrupted for a time when a tent pole came crashing down on a visitor.
    • I was looking up at the preacher when I noticed a young blond woman standing beside one of the tent poles.
    • They were electrocuted apparently after losing control of a giant tent pole that fell against a power line.
    • Another was damaged when a tent pole was hurled at it.
    • They are surrounded by several lean-tos held up by tent poles, and everything is draped in camouflage netting.
    • I left my tent poles in the garage, making my tent useless, so we borrowed my brother-in-law's backpacking tent.
    • The nervous woman wasn't thrilled to see me at her door again, but accepted my story that I'd lost one of my tent poles.
    • Shuffling over to us, Will looked less than enthusiastic as Dylan handed her a collection of rusty tent poles.
    • It was so quiet that the gentle creaking of the wooden tent poles in the breeze seemed like a storm in a forest.
    • Ropes, canvas, tent poles, rugs, and oil for lamps were all there.