Translation of tentative in Spanish:


provisional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛn(t)ədɪv/ /ˈtɛntətɪv/

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    (plan/arrangement) provisional
    (plan/arrangement) provisorio South America
    (plan/arrangement) de prueba
    (offer) tentativo
    (gesture) vacilante
    (gesture) de indecisión
    may I make a tentative suggestion? ¿podría, si me permiten, hacer una sugerencia?
    • Alice was a touch tentative about what she said to Seth that night.
    • Some athletes return from injuries a little tentative.
    • It's an ideal place to make those tentative first dives in the ocean.
    • There was nothing tentative about Bill's technique.
    • Just then, there was the sound of three tentative knocks, and the man clad in the wolf costume turned around.
    • It would destroy any tentative revival of confidence and spending.
    • Through their daughters they made the first tentative steps towards friendship.
    • So when I strapped on a pair of skis two years ago, it was a rather tentative individual who stepped on the snow.
    • If you're taking tentative steps up the professional ladder, consider all the options.
    • With the help of hospital physio teams, Dawn has taken her first tentative steps on false legs this month.
    • Three tiger cubs born in Scotland will this week take their first tentative steps into the great outdoors.
    • Without the weight of the anklets she felt as though she were floating - each step was like a tentative attempt at takeoff.
    • Some local authorities, including Liverpool, have already taken tentative steps towards a ban on smoking.
    • It's a whole combination of things, that's what I was trying to say, the ability to draw is just the first tentative step.
    • It was just about 12 years ago that I sat on my living room floor, watching Natalie take her first tentative steps.
    • Bebbens cleared his throat and took a tentative step forward.
    • I slowed down to a tentative walk as I stepped onto Myra's walkway.
    • The first tentative steps towards allowing women to become bishops was taken by the Church of England's parliament yesterday.
    • Both sides began in the tentative fashion that was to be expected in a winner-takes-all contest.
    • What began as a tentative dance has become a passionate embrace.
    • It was a kind of empire built on very provisional and tentative things that might happen.
    • The inspector steered him towards the Ministry of Agriculture and the plan got a tentative tick - with provisos.
    • There is enough data for us to draw more than tentative conclusions as to their future performance.
    • Now, I may finally keep track of my journey with solid dates, instead of tentative time periods.
    • While such research is illuminating, its conclusions are always tentative and probabilistic.
    • Based on this, my tentative conclusion is that the ‘moral values’ vote is a red herring.
    • If these approvals are established, the tentative starting date would be September 2005.
    • Given the small size of the population I have considered, my own conclusions are necessarily tentative.
    • Organizers expect the park to be skate ready for a tentative kick-off date of September 30 this year.
    • My tentative conclusion: The Administration should lead, without focusing too much on the polls.
    • Court officials said the new dates are tentative and may still change depending on how the motion to consolidate the charges is resolved.
    • But the official also stressed that the report was based on tentative conclusions and said the analysis is not yet final.
    • Field notes and memos that explored tentative meanings from the data enhanced conclusion drawing.
    • Mape members begin voting on a tentative contract agreement this week, with results expected November 20.
    • Our findings provide preliminary and highly tentative impressions.
    • Meanwhile, NASA presented a tentative exploration strategy paper at the international workshop.
    • The two organisations are already exploring tentative plans to meet and discuss a joint approach to developing a national stadium.
    • But sometimes, it would just be a little tentative exploration of the idea that some of the official stories of world events might not be the full truth.
    • To arrive at some tentative answers to these questions we might first consider some winners and losers.
    • At this stage, however, ideas about what causes the link between early mental ability and risk for dementia are only tentative.