Traducción de terminate en español:


poner fin a, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtərməˌneɪt/ /ˈtəːmɪneɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    (discussion/relationship) poner fin a
    (contract) poner término a
    (employee) despedir EEUU
    (employee) cesar EEUU uso criticado
    his employment will be terminated next month causará baja / quedará cesante el mes que viene
    • to terminate a pregnancy interrumpir el embarazo
    • When the work was more than half finished the homeowners terminated the contract.
    • She went off on sick leave in early 1998 and her appointment was terminated in March that year.
    • As a result, data collection in these sites was terminated prior to achieving the targeted number of cases.
    • During this two-year period the marriage cannot be annulled or terminated unless the spouse dies.
    • You know, when you terminate someone's parental rights to their children, that's a heavy thing to do.
    • It was argued that to determine a case is to decide, resolve, conclude, end, terminate or finish an argument.
    • For decades, budgets have been slashed and visionary programmes terminated in favour of more pragmatic goals.
    • Such arrangements will avoid the inconvenience of having services terminated or adding legal costs to a customer's bill.
    • However, if the person is not awarded tenure, the individual's contract is terminated no later than the end of the seventh year.
    • The Company's customers may terminate most service contracts for a variety of reasons, either immediately or upon notice of a future date.
    • On the advice of their accountants, some record companies are terminating the contracts of world-renowned classical musicians.
    • I have another I'm working on today which I'd better be careful of as my contract may be terminated quicker than I want if it gets into the wrong hands.
    • So if the applicant's office or service was not lawfully terminated and he remained in office, he is entitled to his full salary for the present, so it is all academic, is it not?
    • Be aware that the employment relationship between the employee and the church will terminate when the worker leaves for active service with the National Guard.
    • Since 2000, more than 9,000 such plans have been terminated, with more than twice terminated in 2004 than the previous year.
    • His commitment should have terminated in 1972.
    • The licences given to several petty shop-keepers will terminate in mid-December, and we plan to identify all such shops and their licences will be discontinued.
    • The council's executive board considered the implications of terminating the existing contract, which has one year left to run, but deferred any decision until next month.
    • This had an extant English precedent, in contrast with the system licensing newspapers that had been terminated in England, in large measure by inadvertence, in 1695.
    • The Plaintiff testified that she was shocked that she was terminated from her employment.
    • An at-will policy allows employers to terminate workers at the company's discretion.
    • When someone is terminated, sit down with each employee individually and tell them why that happened, Duffy says.
    • Some policies, such as no drugs or alcohol on the camp property, are not negotiable and will result in the staff member being terminated.
    • Larry believes he was terminated because he was too old and not female.
    • And again, we thought she was very beautiful and very nice, but she just wasn't able to fulfill her duties, and therefore, we had no choice but to terminate her.
    • Their bosses can now terminate undocumented workers who join a union, without monetary consequences.
    • During those discussions, the children of parents responsible for terminating employees talked about how their parents were affected by having to lay off long-time associates.
    • Even professional managers express profound anxiety about tasks like delivering negative evaluations and terminating employees.
    • Things eventually get so bad that one of the partners (at the behest of the board of directors) terminates the other partner, who is then escorted from the building by security.
    • For specific reasons, the employer chooses to continue the activity and then harasses, disciplines, or terminates the employee.
    • Should you be terminated, you are entitled to file a grievance under the procedures set out in the Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures.
    • He said that I would be better off if I resigned when I began looking for another job because I would not want it on my record that I was terminated.
    • These employees were terminated for their action.
    • The board terminated the president and has made sure that such an occurrence will not be repeated by any other ambitious faculty or president.
    • The next day, she called me in and confronted me about the issue and terminated me since I had complaints before from patrons.
    • Although the company claimed he was terminated for poor performance, McKnight proved them wrong.
    • One superintendent, one supervisor, one foreman and eight hourly employees were terminated.
    • Should an employee be terminated no matter the severity of the problem?
    • For example, we once had to terminate an employee who excelled in profitability and productivity yet would not adhere to our safety rules and therefore did not conform to our safety culture.

verbo intransitivo

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    (lease/relationship) terminarse
    your employment will terminate on January 31ˢᵗ causará baja / quedará cesante el 31 de enero
    • this train terminates here este es el final del recorrido de este tren