Translation of terribly in Spanish:


terriblemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈtɛrəbli/ /ˈtɛrɪbli/

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  • 1

    the accident left him terribly disfigured quedó terriblemente desfigurado en el accidente
    • it hurt us terribly nos dolió muchísimo
    • I miss you terribly te echo muchísimo de menos
    • She says she missed her father terribly growing up, and now only sees him about twice a year.
    • I loved my father, as I do now, and miss him terribly now he's gone.
    • He was a lovely human being, a gentle giant and I will miss him terribly.
    • As far as I was concerned, my dad had just disappeared, and I missed him terribly.
    • Dr Chakrabarti has been a great servant to Milnrow and he will be terribly missed by everyone he has helped.
    • Mr Brooks said his family missed Robyn terribly and thought of her every day.
    • I miss him terribly when he is away even though the terms are short and the holidays long.
    • She missed Nick terribly, more than last year even, when he'd first left for college.
    • It has only been a year since I lost my beloved Labrador Shamus and I still miss her terribly.
    • She felt another pang in her heart and realised she missed her parents terribly.
    • I can't believe it has only been a few days since I saw you last and I miss you terribly.
    • He missed Emily terribly and planned on surprising her at work if he could get done early enough.
    • The ball bounced once on the grass and hit Chloe in the leg, and she also missed that ball terribly.
    • He missed her terribly, and the worry of not knowing her fate gnawed at his mind constantly.
    • She had missed him terribly, but she was angry at him for deserting her when she needed him most.
    • Of course, I miss her terribly but I know she's going to be a huge success!
    • I progressed to high school the year before Frankie, and missed him terribly.
    • I'd miss Gabrielle terribly, but I vowed to take her on tour with me as soon as she was old enough.
    • We are so fortunate to have had him sing such beautiful, soulful songs and we will miss him terribly.
    • She suffered terribly from stage fright but she's past it to a degree.
  • 2

    (very incompetently)
    (sing/act) terriblemente mal
    (sing/act) fatal Spain informal
    • When I was being beaten in the ring, terribly beaten, hideously beaten, it would have been easy for me to quit.
  • 3 informal

    I was terribly worried/nervous estaba preocupadísima/nerviosísima
    • I'm terribly tired estoy terriblemente cansado
    • terribly good buenísimo
    • terribly bad malísimo
    • she's terribly nice es simpatiquísima
    • it was all terribly elegant estuvo todo de lo más elegante
    • I'm not feeling terribly well no me siento muy bien que digamos
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