Translation of territorial in Spanish:


territorial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌtɛrəˈtɔriəl/ /ˌtɛrɪˈtɔːrɪəl/


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    (rights/sovereignty/dispute) territorial
    • The notion of jurisdiction is essentially territorial.
    • Ideas of territorial integrity and the ownership of territory are very strong.
    • Scots emerged as some of the great imperial administrators, they explored the unknown, as soldiers they crushed native opposition and made territorial gains.
    • A territorial dispute, by its nature, is liable to arouse nationalistic sentiment.
    • We shall respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all our neighbours.
    • The Republic of Fiji Military Forces was established to defend the nation's territorial sovereignty.
    • Pell makes a series of spectacular leaps of logic in order to stake that territorial claim.
    • It's not that we have any designs on the land of our neighbours, although we have been reluctantly obliged to occupy some of their land as guarantees of territorial security.
    • Members of such groups sometimes even feed peacefully side by side on superabundant resources in areas of territorial overlap, as occurs in the baboons I studied.
    • The territorial governor leased lands to farmers-general, who in turn leased smaller plots of an estate to tenants.
    • Those who held bookland were territorial lords with local interests, and were thus far more likely to seek terms with the Danish invaders, if by their timely submission they could save all or part of their inheritance.
    • So that the concept of territorial limitations to the jurisdiction of justices is something that is found at least at that point in history.
    • It is not extraordinary for a court to adjudicate a tort claim arising outside of its territorial jurisdiction.
    • Under the action plan, the two countries agreed to speed up negotiations aimed at concluding the peace treaty by resolving the territorial dispute.
    • The law not only requires large-scale administrative and territorial changes, but also reduces local governments' independence.
    • The Claimant and those like her are of course not within the territorial jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.
    • This means the city does not have the right to proceed with a tax sale of the buildings because they exist on land leased by the territorial government.
    • And city, state, and federal agencies often engage in protracted territorial battles over land rather than expediting development.
    • Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed that territorial expansion would sustain the egalitarian economic basis of republican political institutions.
    • The Cheslatta people have drawn from these local interethnic alliances in two basic ways to pursue territorial rights.
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    (animal/bird) que tiene un sentido muy desarrollado de su territorio
    • Males of many species of hummingbird are territorial and the territories, which are usually centered around a food source, are aggressively defended by their owners.
    • Breeding fighting fish are territorial, defending an area around a nest of mucus-coated bubbles floating on the water surface.
    • Further, we have been advised that the wild dogs are very territorial and, if they find any animal in what they consider their territory, they will try to kill it.
    • Snapping shrimp are territorial, with male and female partners codefending a constructed burrow from intruders.
    • Some dogs are territorial and inadvertently ruin window blinds or woodwork trying to get to an intruding delivery person.
    • They exhibit strong territorial behaviour during the breeding season.
    • Adults are at their lowest weight in the spring as territorial behaviour by the boars and suckling by the sows will have reduced their stored fat to a minimum.
    • Fairly early into the same dive at Edy Point, the first of 5 grey reef sharks came up from the depths, curious but keeping a safe distance and displaying no aggressive territorial behaviour.
    • In the present study we examined whether comb size was related to testosterone levels, to a suite of behavioral and territorial traits, and to copulation success.
    • They also may have been relatively quiet because there were no other cranes nearby to stimulate vocalizations and other territorial behavior.
    • If it really is territorial behaviour that is leading the birds to behave so oddly, then chances are they will soon stop being such a nuisance.
    • In contrast, nesting males cannot move freely between nests because of the territorial behavior of other nesting males and the risk of losing their current nest.
    • For males, we noted all territorial and courtship behavior during censuses and used this information to determine the social status of a male.
    • There are a several brief sections on territorial and related behaviour in chimps, which imply considerations of liberty, but that is all.
    • Male territorial behavior is particularly important in the autumn, during territory establishment, and in early spring.
    • Audience sex and territorial status influenced aggressive behavior in the interacting males, but a strong audience x nest interaction also was uncovered.
    • Although territorial behavior is not normally observed, males will exhibit this behavior during times when population size and food supplies are lower.
    • High levels of cortisol contribute to lower levels of testosterone and inhibition of dominant or territorial behaviors.
    • We observed individual females throughout behavioral estrus and quantified mating order and territorial status for each of a female's consorts.
    • The role that these territorial interactions play in influencing the redistribution of animals that have been evicted from their native home ranges remains unclear.
    • It has been suggested that this decline in territorial aggression may be because large flight and tail feathers were growing at this time and would be easily damaged in a fight.
    • Furthermore, one of the two females was observed singing late in the breeding season when territorial aggression and hence song should be decreasing.
    • Broadbills seem to be territorial during the breeding season and their display flights may serve as both breeding and territorial displays.
    • For instance, chimps are very territorial and patrol borders in order to maintain large territorial areas for gathering fruit.
    • Triceratops likely used its horns to impress mates, shoo off rivals, or argue for territorial ownership.