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prueba, n.

Pronunciación /tɛst/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(exam)

      prueba femenino
      (multiple-choice type) test masculino
      aptitude/intelligence test test de aptitud/inteligencia
      • to do / take a test hacer una prueba/un test
      • to give / set sb a test hacerle / ponerle a algn una prueba/un test
      • Written tests can assess knowledge acquisition and reasoning ability, but they cannot so easily measure skills
      • I paid close attention to everything he said, but still came up short on tests and quizzes.
      • We asked the parliamentary candidates for Wimbledon to tell us a bit about themselves and then we subjected them to a test of their knowledge of their area.
      • I answered the question, took a seat, wrote the test, handed it in and left.
      • Do you want to compare answers with your buddies during the break and then start writing the test?
      • This young lad, since passing his test, has written off two cars in self inflicted accidents.
      • You were told what to learn and expected to repeat your knowledge in tests.
      • Some of these tests involve knowledge picked up from education, and some don't.
      • Judging applicants must pass a written test, demonstrating their knowledge of these rules.
      • Pressure to show big improvements on test scores forces teachers to spend weeks, and even months, drilling students on the tests.
      • Validity standards are based on test content, not on which groups of students take the test.
      • Valued added is the complex score the Department for Education and Skills uses to work out if pupils are reaching their full potential, based on performances in earlier tests.
      • Often the question about study in America centres around the performance in these tests.
      • Child psychologists are being brought into a borough's schools in a bid to pull up performance in key tests and exams.
      • The final 26 were interviewed and ranked based on their combined performance in the test and interview.
      • But it's up to states to establish their own tests and standards.
      • Perhaps the most contentious issue in this debate is the use of standardized tests to measure school performance.
      • Students in the seventeen districts gradually improved their performance on standardized tests.
      • Written tests and performance in one's courses are no longer the only route to higher education or the only index by which students are evaluated.
      • Teachers can use the tests to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of pupils so they can identify areas to concentrate on.

    • 1.2

      (of machine, vehicle, weapon) prueba femenino
      (of drug, treatment) prueba femenino
      (run/flight) (before noun) experimental
      (run/flight) (before noun) de prueba
      nuclear test prueba nuclear
      • Indeed, many of the assemblies have already passed reliability and quality tests needed to achieve FDA approval.
      • All their Mercedes Benz engine parts have passed rigid quality tests for durability and performance as well as all the other car parts.
      • On test there was certainly very little buffeting or wind noise.
      • It is his obligation to have the performance tests carried out.
      • The preliminary tests indicated that the performance of epoxy asphalt was far superior to that of other systems.
      • The results of the studies that measured reliability indicate that the test can be reliable if a standard procedure is used.
      • We want you to enjoy our food at its very best and we carry out extensive tests to establish the natural life of each of our products.
      • Those qualifications are best measured by performance tests.
      • As one measure to do this, quality control tests should be performed to determine the degree of variability for each test.
      • An array validation program represents the foundation of tests required to establish robust assay performance in a multiplexed environment.
      • The overall dimensions, damping system, bread carriage and marking fall under the tests for performance.
      • This approach to correct the continuum theories is being pursued elsewhere, but no explicit tests of its performance have been published.
      • This positive assessment must, however, be tempered by the acknowledgement that the tests establish bare minimum standards.
      • Well, we'll have some performance tests shortly, but we want to note another stipulation made in the documentation on the modules.
      • To avoid mistakes they have to devise tests of reliability.
      • The system's performance in cyclic tests at the University of California, Berkeley, was also astonishing.
      • Finally, we have omitted performance tests for the time being.
      • Sirius has launched all three of its satellites, but is still conducting on-ground performance tests.
      • In short, numerous tests have proven that the enormous mass of these vehicles makes them more dangerous in a crash than smaller cars.
      • The alloy was then heated and rolled into half-inch-thick sheets, and subjected to strength and ductility tests.

    • 1.3(trial)

      prueba femenino
      it was a test of strength/endurance fue una prueba de fuerza/resistencia
      • the crisis was a test of her leadership qualities/his loyalty la crisis puso a prueba su aptitud como líder/su lealtad
      • screen test prueba cinematográfica

    • 1.4(analysis, investigation)

      blood/urine test análisis de sangre/orina
      • eye/hearing test examen de la vista/del oído
      • they've sent a sample of blood away for tests han mandado a analizar una muestra de sangre
      • the test was positive el análisis dio positivo
      • he/she failed the B-test el contraanálisis dio positivo

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (student/class) examinar
    (student/class) hacerle una prueba a
    (knowledge/skill) evaluar
    to test sb on sth
    to test sb for sth
    the students are tested monthly a los estudiantes se les hacen pruebas mensuales
  • 2

    (product/vehicle/weapon) probar
    (product/vehicle/weapon) poner a prueba
    to test sth on sb/sth
    • The accuracy of electronic voting can be tested by comparing paper records to digital votes but not to recount an entire election.
    • Mr Littleboy said his water supply was regularly tested and the most recent screening in the spring had shown no pollution.
    • Cosmetics are tested on animals to check if a product such as shampoo may work on a human with no harmful effects.
    • The aim during the practice match, besides testing the combinations, was quick distribution of passes in match-like situation and fast taking of set pieces.
    • Once the system was up and running, it was tested for optimum performance and then used as prototype for the rest of the installations.
    • This substance has never been tested on humans for safety nor has it been licensed for use as a medicine.
    • Neither the questionnaire nor the quiz were tested for validity or reliability.
    • I think the quality of security products should be tested just as the quality of automobiles is tested.
    • But the original building was opened in 1867 by Bradford Corporation to test the weight and quality of wool.
    • The substances will be tested over the next seven years by independent scientists working for the new European Food Safety Authority.
    • We also thank Harparkash Kaur for testing the contents and quality of the study drugs.
    • These varieties have been tested in gardens in all climates and have been judged to be good performers in all parts of the country.
    • The agency has also announced sweeping measures to tag and test US cattle and other steps to boost confidence.
    • They created their machine, which didn't have a name, and proceeded testing it with remote probes.
    • At least 14 other drugs have been tested in controlled clinical trials and found to be ineffective.
    • Pre-cast concrete slabs are being assembled to build the compound wall; all material are tested at a quality lab at the airport site.
    • Their work aims to provide valid exposure data and to develop reliable methods to test different types of mobile phones.
    • The coming years are going to be difficult, and everyone will have to assess their own business, to test its viability before proceeding.
    • Excavations of the ditch have recovered antlers that were left behind and after their age was tested it was revealed that the first henge was built over 50 centuries ago.
    • The rifle would be tested for accuracy at 50 yards by firing five, five-shot groups from the bench.
  • 3

    (friendship/commitment/endurance) poner a prueba
    the next few days will test the engine to the limit los próximos días serán la prueba de fuego del motor
    • It pointed out that a number of small fires at the centre had ‘severely tested the fire response capability’ there.
    • I grabbed it, presuming he was testing it for strength.
    • You should inquire about testing her for her strengths.
    • He was currently testing them and their strength, they would need to be strong to take on any of the Dream Weaver's guardians, and he had seen their power.
    • This severely tested their friendship, before being resolved - with an offer of Polaris - in a way unlikely between two men less close.
    • Their defence was severely tested at times and they have goalkeeper Jonathan Stack to thank for keeping the score somewhat respectable.
    • He was, again as mentioned yesterday, a member of the Arts Club, though his drinking and other habits severely tested the patience of the members.
    • It's a safe bet that any lingering Lord of the Rings fans will find their patience severely tested by Emile.
    • The character of the team was severely tested and they came through with honours.
    • Her inner strength was tested early in her marriage when tragedy struck.
    • The year ahead will test our political establishment to the limit.
    • Although tied to the same markets and products, their ability to cooperate was severely tested by crises that revealed different interests.
    • So begins a harrowing adventure that tests the young girl's mettle, revealing hidden strengths she didn't know she had.
    • The seaworthiness of the vessel was severely tested on the Atlantic crossing from Newfoundland but she came through without damage or loss.
    • No NFL player's courage is tested more severely than the receiver who willingly patrols the middle of the field.
    • The match was played in a wonderful spirit, as befits two friends, although the patience of both players was severely tested by some erratic umpiring.
    • The newly formed friendship is severely tested and I won't give the ending away, but it is indeed an astonishing twist of fate for all three men.
    • Nöel-Picq clearly gets a kick out of pushing his story to the limits of what is socially acceptable, testing his audience, daring them to be offended.
    • But spending so much time on the water tested everyone's physical limits.
    • And it is the daunting measuring stick to test a rower's physical capabilities.
  • 4

    (blood/urine) analizar
    (sight/hearing/reflexes) examinar
    (hypothesis) comprobar
    to test sth for sth
    you need to have your eyes tested tienes que hacerte examinar la vista
    • test the temperature of the water prueba la temperatura del agua

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (carry out a test)
    hacer pruebas
    Medicina hacer análisis
    to test for sth
    • Fetal cells contained in the amniotic fluid will be tested for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.
    • Their blood serum was tested for traces of antibodies against the influenza virus.
    • Before a transfusion, the donated blood is tested for infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.
    • After the birth of a child with congenital malformations, one way of looking for the cause is by testing the father's body fluids for organic solvents.
    • All mothers had been tested for HIV antibodies and were HIV seronegative.
    • Blood is also tested for anaemia, iron and vitamin deficiency and liver problems.
    • A small sample of blood must be tested by a doctor.
    • The source individual's blood must be tested for hepatitis B virus and HIV as soon as feasible.
    • Almost one half of U.S. women under age 45 have been tested for human immunodeficiency virus.
    • If you or the baby's father has a family history of cystic fibrosis or congenital hearing loss, you might be tested to see if you carry one of these traits.
    • Skin tests aren't always accurate when it comes to drug allergies, and you can't be tested for all drugs this way.
    • Since 1964, every baby born in Taranaki Base Hospital's maternity unit has been tested by an orthopaedic surgeon.
    • Before pregnancy, a woman should be tested for rubella and vaccinated if needed.
    • Athletes at the Sydney Olympics will be tested for abuse of marijuana.
    • Forty people who are thought to have come into contact with the substance have been tested and all results have been negative, Selebi said in a statement.
    • At the end of the seminar, 51 officers submitted urine samples to be tested for drugs.
    • The blood and urine will be tested for substances such as blood sugar, calcium, and potassium.
    • At half-time in the match, drug collection officers representing Uefa drew names out of a hat to determine which two players from each side would be tested for banned substances.
    • Members of the Defence Forces are not tested for alcohol but officers keep an eye out for drink abuse and a soldier could be thrown out of the Forces if the problem persists.
    • I went to get my eyes examined, and they tested me for colorblindness.
  • 2

    hacer pruebas
    she tested for the witch's part hizo pruebas para el papel de la bruja