Traducción de testament en Español:


testamento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛstəmənt/ /ˈtɛstəm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    testamento masculino
    the last will and testament of … el testamento y última voluntad de …
  • 2

    • 2.1TestamentBiblia

      the Old/New Testament el Antiguo/Nuevo Testamento

    • 2.2literario (covenant)

      legado masculino
      • The testament / covenant was based on pistis, the trust fund that God established with Abraham.
      • Deuteronomy is cast as the last testament of Moses to the people, prior to his death and the entry of the people into the Land under Joshua.

  • 3formal

    testimonio masculino
    to be a testament to sth ser testimonio de algo
    • This 1972 short serves as a worthy testament to Larkin's endless imagination and mastery of movement and composition.
    • This production of Big Love is a testament to the quality of SFU's theatre program.
    • As well as thanking the Royal Hospital for Nigel's excellent care, Sue also wants the marathon to serve as a testament to the courage of her friends.
    • If this is true, it is a testament to the fact that advances in technology do not always represent progress for humankind.
    • It is a testament to the quality of the actors that they were able to wring rudimentary sympathy out of this stupefying script.
    • The sportsmanship amongst the players was absolutely marvellous and the whole event was a testament to how popular snooker remains.
    • The tale is a testament to the fact that the past cannot be reclaimed once lost.
    • They respond with some fine, committed playing, a testament to the fine quality of this orchestra.
    • The strength of the customer base is testament to the product quality.
    • The fact that this film is still as affecting 25 years on, is only testament to its quality.
    • Keith's achievements have made him something of a role model, bearing testament to the fact that his disability is incidental to his life.
    • The perilous trials observed by all involved in order to organize this event constitute another testament to the enduring appeal of the bard.
    • But Kimbrough's music is what this compilation is all about, and this tribute is a testament to the power of his songwriting.
    • Belinda is a very courageous person and she is testament to the fact that people do survive cancer.
    • Both the Coach and Horses, in High Street and The Hope, in West Street, are both still serving today and stand as a testament to the area's lively heritage.
    • It is a testament to the book's quality that one can disagree with its thesis while thoroughly enjoying its argument and prose.
    • There's plenty of research now which bears testament to the fact that our emotions can have far-reaching consequences for our physical health.
    • Equally impressive are her empowering lyrics, which, at their best, are testaments to personal battles won.
    • Thankfully, his many films and performances will live on as testaments to his great talent.
    • It will stand as a testament (like the sound they created) to their importance in the world of music.