Traducción de testify en Español:


prestar declaración, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtɛstəˌfaɪ/ /ˈtɛstɪfʌɪ/

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verbo intransitivo testifies, testifying, testified

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    prestar declaración
    to testify to sth declarar / testificar algo
    • Indeed, the only witnesses who testified at the trial were the two plaintiffs themselves.
    • All three witnesses have testified that they have not discussed their evidence with each other.
    • The lawyer who is a necessary witness should testify and entrust the conduct of the case to another lawyer.
    • In practice witnesses testifying in court are very often asked simply whether they confirm the testimony they gave to the investigating judge.
    • The prosecutors called no witnesses to testify and presented little evidence.
    • The appellant did not testify and no evidence was called on behalf of the defence.
    • His whole case was based upon what he testified in the witness box and three alibi witnesses.
    • The plaintiffs have testified that some of those letters were dictated by the defendant.
    • A defendant who testifies in his own defense opens the door to the admission of prior convictions, not prior charges.
    • The plaintiff's attorneys wrapped up their case with their last two witnesses testifying.
    • Complainants may waver about testifying for any number of reasons.
    • The Defendant testified that she does not have any desire to use the time-share.
    • Professional medical organizations have strongly discouraged members from testifying on behalf of plaintiffs.
    • Without witnesses testifying to the event, there would be reasonable doubt for an acquittal.
    • If you know your business like a book, testifying as an expert witness can be a lucrative sideline.
    • The charge was initially dropped after a witness who was to testify against her failed to turn up at the hearing.
    • He's also a forensic psychiatrist - one of those guys who testifies as an expert witness in court trials.
    • The plea deal was announced just two days after a key witness began testifying against him.
    • The case is expected to go on for six to seven weeks and it is thought there will be more than 70 witnesses called upon to testify.
    • The first witness to testify yesterday spoke from behind a curtain and had his voice disguised.
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    to testify to sth atestiguar algo
    ser testimonio de algo
    ser prueba fehaciente de algo
    • At every ground there were sell-outs and lock-outs to testify to the greatness of Gallaher's team.
    • The Bulgarian Orthodox Church could also testify to a person's Bulgarian descent.
    • They all testify to your outstanding clinical skills and unparalleled commitment to the welfare of children.
    • There are some trends that testify to the importance of retirement planning.
    • The dhol is a north Indian drum made from goatskin, and anybody who has stood next to one will testify to how loud it sounds when played.
    • Those who have availed of twinning collaboration from both towns will testify to its success.
    • She was a very hard worker, a great home maker, and was above all a pleasure to know as all who knew her will testify to.
    • Today the pictures on the wall testify to the strength of the hurling legend.
    • Ask any parent, and they would testify to the craze children have for these little books.
    • All of these companies would testify to the skill and commitment of the local labour force.
    • He adored his students and, today, many testify to his personal help and kindness.
    • Anyone who has eaten in a Turkish city can testify to the richness of real Turkish cuisine.
    • I can personally testify to the importance of having role models and the companionship of other women colleagues.
    • Poems such as the Welsh Gododdin testify to the celebration of the warrior ideal and its powerful attraction for poets.
    • Dedications by sculptors and potters from Archaic Greece testify to the wealth of at least some of these artisans.
    • Many Roman authors testify to the red mullet fever which gripped their contemporaries in the first centuries ad.
    • This journalist has the Blackberry in action and will readily testify to its usefulness.
    • The artifacts from Ozette testify to the central role of whaling in the Tribe before contact with westerners.
    • It is not only Manchester United who can testify to FC Porto's current European pedigree.
    • Those who knew Chapman all testify to his kindness, persistence, simplicity and integrity.

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    to testify that … declarar / testificar que …