Traducción de than en Español:


que, conj.

Pronunciación /ðæn/ /ðən/ /ðan/ /ð(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (in comparisons)
    (with quantity) de
    I'm feeling better than I was me siento mejor que antes
    • the situation is even worse than we thought la situación es aún peor de lo que pensábamos
    • more/less than we had asked for más/menos de lo que habíamos pedido
    • Our council tax is much higher than in larger towns if you compare the size of house.
    • The third was believed to be younger than the first two and was wearing dark clothing.
    • There is no easier way to change the look of a home than to put on a fresh coat of paint.
    • In later years, the death rate of his patients was far higher than it should have been.
    • He likes getting in on the act too and has appeared in more productions than he cares to count.
    • It turned out to be better in looks than taste and in any case was described as carrot cake on the bill.
    • On one occasion a female passenger leaned on him for more than just a friendly chat.
    • At six weeks premature, Sam was much larger than many of the other babies in the unit.
    • Which means we sold more copies in the second week of release than we did in the first.
    • If you have a second child, you get more than twice the benefit for a single child, and so on.
    • The sexy star also claimed she is happier now than at any point in the last decade.
    • He was reviewing books at the rate of more than one a day and writing criticism of a very high order.
    • Two walkers came the other way, one said it was better here than London in a heatwave.
    • This is a great venue and we hope to register even more participants than last year.
    • Always remember that it is far easier to withhold a service or benefit than to take it away.
    • This is intended to build new properties in the Park for rent at less than the market rate.
    • In the first quarter of this year, more of these homes were sold than any other type.
    • It is tempting to believe the world has gone bad, that everything is worse than it was.
    • He said it would be a nonsense for the roof of the main property to be lower than the extension roof.
    • However much we decide to be careful, we always end up spending more than we mean to.
  • 2

    (with alternatives)
    I'd prefer to walk than (to) go by bus prefiero ir a pie a tomar el autobús
    • I'd sooner die than marry you prefiero morirme antes que casarme contigo
  • 3

    (except, besides)
    there was nothing for it other than going back / to go back no había más remedio que volver
    • I had no alternative than to resign no tenía otra alternativa que dimitir
    • They just seem to do what they are told rather than have their own personal opinion.
    • In other words, religion is seen more as part of the solution than part of the problem.
    • Mr Miliband would say no more than that the final decision would be left to the council.
    • There is no point to cheerleaders other than to be eye candy for the fans and television audience.
    • Site owners with a primary language other than English need efficient English copy writers and editors.
    • He used to get friends to ask girls out for him rather than make the approach himself.
    • Now its good we can come here for an afternoon rather than be stuck indoors or in the garden.
    • He was the first man to treat her as an intelligent person, rather than a sex symbol.
    • Rather than being told to cut out alcohol, a man might be urged to modify his drinking.
    • She says we have to learn to use anger in a positive way, rather than letting it control us.
    • Watkins said he felt the outcome would be revealed in a matter of days rather than weeks.
    • Rather than a game of skill and technique, golf is turning into a mere test of power.
    • I try to think where we are going to be in three years' time rather than where we are now.
    • There are rules if you want to find the car of your dreams rather than of your nightmares.
    • I found it profoundly useful to be able to do this on screen rather than in real life.
    • Far better to get a job in a hotel and learn from experience rather than from some textbook.
    • We would rather be able to hear than be deaf; we would rather be able to see than be blind.
    • This time, he signed for just three years and opted to rent a property rather than buy.
    • It is a joy to be able to delight in somebody else's good fortune rather than be envious of it.
    • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
  • 4

    no sooner had I sat down than the bell rang apenas me había sentado cuando sonó el timbre


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    (in comparisons)
    (with quantity) de
    his house is bigger than mine su casa es más grande que la mía
    • she can sew better than me sabe coser mejor que yo
    • more than £200/20 days más de 200 libras/20 días
    • more than once más de una vez