Traducción de thank en Español:


Pronunciación /θæŋk/ /θaŋk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (demonstrate gratitude to)
    to thank sb for sth darle las gracias a algn por algo
    agradecerle algo a algn
    • I could bore you all by thanking the little people who helped me to where I am today.
    • By thanking people you are building good will and empathy with their support.
    • This man got up and read a little piece thanking the people of Ireland for their generosity.
    • We sometimes get letters from people thanking us for reconnecting them quickly.
    • A charity worker has thanked people in Harwich for their support ahead of a mercy mission to Romania.
    • He thanked the many people who sent him so many cards when he was sick last year.
    • He also thanked the many people who drove him around the area to visit various places.
    • Mr Dolan thanked the people of Bingley and surrounding areas for their support.
    • Mr Ackroyd thanked the people of nearby villages for their help and support over the years.
    • A pensioner injured after she was knocked off her bike has thanked the people who came to her aid.
    • We thanked the people who called the fire brigade and the crews, who were here quickly.
    • Many people were thanked for their help in making Mickleton a good place to live in.
    • The committee would like to thank many people who helped to make the day such a success.
    • Through your newspaper I would like to thank the person who found the letters and posted them.
    • We've been overwhelmed with the support given to us and we can't thank people enough.
    • They wish to thank the many people who helped to make the day the great success it was.
    • He went on to thank the people of Shipley for putting their trust in him and said news of the win had not yet sunk in.
    • It is so nice for us to think that what we did has not been forgotten and we can't thank people enough.
    • Editors always seem to be thanking people and now I know without doubt that they mean it.
    • I was really impressed with the turnout and would like to thank people for their support.
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    (hold responsible)
    you can thank the government/weather for it la culpa la tiene el gobierno/tiempo