Translation of thanks in Spanish:


agradecimiento, n.

Pronunciation /θæŋks/ /θaŋks/

Definition of agradecimiento in Spanish

plural noun

  • 1

    (expression of gratitude)
    agradecimiento masculine
    allow me to express my heartfelt thanks permítame expresarle mi más sincero agradecimiento formal
    • a letter/speech of thanks una carta/unas palabras de agradecimiento
    • received with thanks pagado
    • is that all the thanks I get? ¿es así cómo se me lo agradece?
    • I did all I could to help him and small thanks I got for it hice todo lo que pude por ayudarlo y fíjate cómo me lo agradeció
    • I did all I could to help him and much thanks I got for it hice todo lo que pude por ayudarlo y fíjate cómo me lo agradeció
    • you won't get any thanks no te lo van a agradecer
    • to give thanks to God/for sth dar gracias a Dios/por algo
    • It came back on about half an hour earlier than predicted, so I suppose I can give thanks for that.
    • All were there to give thanks for their survival and to pay tribute to those who never returned from the beaches.
    • Hundreds turned out to pay tribute to a beloved former headteacher at a memorial service to give thanks for her life.
    • It would be easy to dwell on the animals that Tasmania has lost, but I prefer to give thanks for what remains.
    • There were no thanks in the letter from him, just complaints and accusations.
    • Mr Hill insists he has received no recent complaints and has even been sent a letter of thanks from the forum.
    • There have been regular letters of thanks from charities and people who have been helped by unknown members of the public.
    • Gerry has received a letter of thanks from the charity for his part in helping to raise this much needed cash.
    • His son sent a special letter of thanks which was read out at the ceremony.
    • It is a joyful celebration in which Bolivians give thanks for their freedom as a nation.
    • Citizens packed the quay and bells rang as she landed and went straight to the nearest church to give thanks for her safe arrival.
    • Grateful thanks have been extended to the people of the region for their generous contributions.
    • She has never once acknowledged my thanks, or existence for that matter.
    • We can give thanks and words of appreciation to others for their kind deeds done to us.
    • He smiled back at her and acknowledged her thanks with a nod of his head.
    • This was a very generous response from the community and thanks are extended to all who contributed.
    • The collection, as usual, received a great response and thanks is extended to all who subscribed.
    • Tom Ryan was given a bottle of wine as a thanks for his active involvement in the twinning project.
    • Please pass to Anna my thanks and gratitude for being such a good friend.
    • We have nothing but admiration for the staff at Lease Hill and wish to extend our gratitude and thanks.
    • To them and to those who have supported the office I extend my grateful thanks.
    • My grateful thanks go to the funders who made it possible for me to travel.
  • 2

    thanks! ¡gracias!
    • thanks very much / a lot! ¡muchas gracias!
    • you can cook supper tonight — oh, thanks a lot / a bundle! tú haces la cena esta noche — ¡hombre, muchas gracias! / ¡mira qué bien!
    • thanks for nothing! ¡muchas gracias!
    • many thanks (for sth/-ing) muchas gracias (por algo/+ inf)
  • 3

    thanks to gracias a
    • thanks to you we got there on time gracias a ti llegamos puntuales
    • it's thanks to you that we're in this mess estamos metidos en este lío gracias a ti