Translation of that in Spanish:


ese, pron.

Pronunciation /ðæt/ /ðat/ /ðət/

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    (plural those)
  • 1

    (neuter) eso
    (plural) esos
    (plural) esas
    (plural) ésos
    (plural) ésas
    (to refer to sth more distant, to the remote past) aquél
    (to refer to sth more distant, to the remote past) aquélla
    (neuter) aquello
    (plural) aquellos
    (plural) aquellas
    (plural) aquéllos
    (plural) aquéllas
    what's that? ¿qué es eso?
    • who's that? quién es ese/esa?
    • that's Mary's husband/daughter ese es el marido/esa es la hija de Mary
    • those are $20 and those over there $21.50 esos cuestan 20 dólares y aquellos de allá 21,50
    • that's why she never went back por eso nunca volvió
    • who's that, please? ¿con quién hablo, por favor?
    • that's impossible/wonderful! ¡es imposible/maravilloso!
    • that was last week eso fue la semana pasada
    • those who have been less fortunate los que no han tenido tanta suerte
    • those at the back cannot hear los que están en el fondo no oyen
    • is that so? ¡no me digas!
    • eat it up now, that's a good girl! vamos, cómetelo todo ¡así me gusta!
    • don't talk like that! ¡no hables así!
    • she told me that John had won the race — that he did me dijo que John había ganado la carrera — así es(, la ganó John)
    • That's a hawk atop the big rock.
    • That's a nice necklace.
    • Who's that in the corner?
    • That's my best friend over there behind the counter.
    • Hello, is that the police?
  • 2

    a voice that reminded him of somebody una voz que le recordaba a alguien
    • it's not money that's the problem el problema aquí no es el dinero
    • it was in Australia that I met Bob fue en Australia donde conocí a Bob
    • fool that I was, I believed him tonto que fui, le creí
    • everywhere (that) I go dondequiera que voy
    • it wasn't Helen (that) you saw no fue a Helen a quien viste
    • is it today (that) they're arriving? ¿es hoy cuando llegan?
    • the reason (that) she resigned el motivo por el que dimitió
    • the way (that) he spoke la forma en que habló

adjectiveplural those

  • 1

    (plural) esos
    (plural) esas
    (to refer to sth more distant, to the remote past) aquel
    (to refer to sth more distant, to the remote past) aquella
    (plural) aquellos
    (plural) aquellas
    do you know that boy/girl? ¿conoces a ese chico/esa chica?
    • those two records/keys are Pete's esos dos discos/esas dos llaves son de Pete
    • do you remember those two Americans we met? ¿te acuerdas de aquellos dos americanos que conocimos?
    • I prefer that one prefiero ese/esa
    • I like those yellow ones me gustan esos amarillos
    • in those days en aquellos tiempos
    • we interviewed only those candidates who … solo entrevistamos a los / aquellos candidatos que …
    • it's been one of those days ha sido uno de esos días en que todo sale mal


  • 1

    they decided (that) it was too expensive decidieron que era demasiado caro
    • she said (that) she understood dijo que entendía
    • that he should say so surprises me me sorprende que lo diga
    • the idea that the end justifies the means la idea de que el fin justifica los medios
    • the news that our team had won la noticia de que nuestro equipo había ganado
    • I'm glad (that) you're here me alegro de que estés aquí
    • doesn't it worry you that you haven't heard from him? ¿no te preocupa (el) no haber tenido noticias suyas?
    • let me know immediately (that) they arrive avísame en cuanto lleguen
  • 2

    • 2.1(in order that)

      they died that others might live murieron para que otros pudieran vivir
      • be careful (that) you don't lose anything ten cuidado de no perder nada

    • 2.2(with the result that)

      she talks so fast that I can't understand habla tan rápido que no le entiendo
      • The result is that you pay too much tax in the months before your birthday and too little in the months after.
      • It's all over and above contract, but the result is that kids here tend to be a bit more respectful.
      • The result is that he resolves to return to his true calling: the writing of fiction.
      • The result is that it takes longer to adjust to a shock and requires a stronger policy response.
      • The result is that more rainfall records are broken at this time of year than at any other.
      • The result is that anyone who hacks into the database does not see the grade of any individual student.
      • The result is that getting to the common functions and then being able to use them is quick and easy.
      • The result is that the branched molecule is reduced to a form like a lopped tree.
      • The result is that the stone suffers from the adverse effects of weathering or decay.
      • The result is that the two outer whorls are petals and the two inner ones are stamens.
      • The result was that he had a home where he and his wife were happy and contented.
      • Reports say the surge was so strong that parked cars were thrown around like toys.
      • It's for that reason that we decided to extend this opportunity to district farmers.
      • So these are some of the reasons that Americans get a bad press elsewhere in the world.
      • That gallery is not the only reason that Southwark and the Borough are booming.
      • It is for this reason that I support the introduction of a law to ban them from public sale and public use.
      • It is for this reason that they despised death and even showed themselves superior to death.

  • 3

    • 3.1(expressing surprise)

      that he should do such a thing! ¡mira que hacer una cosa así!

    • 3.2 literary (expressing a wish)

      (+ subjunctive) ¡ojalá!
      oh, that you were here! ¡ojalá estuvieras aquí!


  • 1

    ten thirty? that late already? ¿las diez y media? ¿ya es tan tarde?
    • I'm not that interested, really la verdad es que no me interesa tanto
    • she can't be all that stupid no es posible que sea tan tonta
    • how much do you want? that much? ¿cuánto quieres? ¿un tanto así?
    • I was that tired I could hardly stay awake estaba tan cansado que apenas podía mantenerme despierto