Translation of the in Spanish:


el, art.

Pronunciation /ði/ /ðə/ /ðɪ/ /ðiː/

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definite article

  • 1

    (singular) el
    (singular) la
    (plural) los
    (plural) las
    pass me the bread/the salt/the tomatoes/the grapes pásame el pan/la sal/los tomates/las uvas
    • the color of the sky/of the grass el color del cielo/de la hierba
  • 2

    (used for emphasis)
    do you mean the Dr Black? ¿te refieres al famoso Dr Black?
    • she's the woman for the job es la mujer ideal para el puesto
    • it's the novel to read just now en este momento, es la novela que hay que leer
  • 3

    • 3.1(with names)

      Henry the First/Second/Third Enrique primero/segundo/tercero
      • the Smiths los Smith

    • 3.2(in generic use)

      the invention of the printing press la invención de la imprenta
      • the polar bear el oso polar
      • Parents have to be a lot more careful about what their children are allowed to watch on the TV.
      • Lots of the singles on the CD were never on the radio here.
      • Becky sings with our church choir and plays the piano.
      • According to parents, 60 percent of children complain of feeling tired during the day.
      • To learn the drums, he tried playing along to records, a method he admitted hating.
      • In the mornings we have lectures and in the afternoons we teach students.

    • 3.3(in abstractions, generalizations)

      the possible/sublime lo posible/sublime
      • the young/old los jóvenes/viejos

  • 4

    they sell it by the square foot lo venden por pie cuadrado
    • I get paid by the hour me pagan por hora
    • three dollars the yard tres dólares la yarda
    • These annual levies are only a few cents in the dollar.
    • If you fly into wind you will get much less mileage to the litre.
    • The Ballet School has some pianists on salary; others are paid by the hour.
  • 5 informal

    (used instead of possessive pron)
    (singular) el
    (singular) la
    (plural) los
    (plural) las
    how's the family? ¿qué tal la familia? informal
    • the old elbow's giving him trouble again está teniendo problemas con el codo otra vez
    • One night, the hubby and I stopped at the next door bakery and bought some bread.
    • Are you all right? How are the kids?


  • 1

    the more you have, the more you want cuanto más tienes, más quieres
    • the more she knows them, the less she likes them cuanto más los conoce, menos le gustan
    • the sooner, the better cuanto antes, mejor
  • 2

    I'm the richer for this experience me he enriquecido con esta experiencia
    • all the better to see you with para verte mejor
    • that's all the more reason not to give in mayor razón para no ceder
    • they'll be none the worse for some discipline no les vendrá mal un poco de disciplina