Translation of themselves in Spanish:


se, pron.

Pronunciation /ðəmˈsɛlvz/ /ð(ə)mˈsɛlvz/

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  • 1

    they behaved themselves se portaron bien
    • they bought themselves a new car se compraron otro coche
    • they only think of themselves solo piensan en sí mismos
  • 2

    ellos mismos
    ellas mismas
    they're not affected by the problem themselves a ellos (mismos) no les afecta el problema
    • Computers are made out of materials which are themselves subject to the laws of Nature.
    • They are thus able to remain objects of desire without themselves being subject to it.
    • What annoys me most about the whole subject is the attitude of a lot of smokers themselves.
    • This does not, as mentioned, mean that ethics and the rest are themselves nonsense.
    • They have got to see what the good teams are doing and try to reach that level themselves.
  • 3

    (normal selves)
    the children aren't themselves los niños no son los de siempre
    • I wish they'd just be themselves quisiera que se comportaran con naturalidad
  • 4

    (unspecified person or persons)
    if anyone's interested, they can find out for themselves si a alguien le interesa, puede averiguarlo por sí mismo
  • 5

    (person who does not identify as male or female)
    • 5.1(reflexive)


    • 5.2(emphatic use)

      pronombre que, de forma enfática, hace referencia a una persona que no se identifica como hombre o mujer