Translation of then in Spanish:


entonces, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛn/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(at that time)

      it was then that I remembered fue entonces / en ese momento cuando me acordé
      • that was then and this is now eso fue entonces y esto es ahora
      • It was about then that I questioned the wisdom of skipping supper before coming out.
      • Nothing had changed since then except the addition of the proposed obligation.
      • Since then it has become one of the more ridiculous additions to the four-year festival.
      • I think ministerial salaries have improved in both real and relative terms since then.
      • It was only then that she noticed Rhea beside her, and someone in front of them.
      • By then, he emphasises, Asia will be home to two thirds of the world's population.
      • By then, the emphasis was fully focused on the harmony and happiness of the marriage.
      • He worked at one of the camps that was set up for Russian former soldiers who were then guest workers.
      • The first virus arrived within four hours, and since then I have had eight more.
      • We realised what had happened about an hour later but by then the bag had already gone.
      • Back then, we didn't have to wear shin guards while playing soccer.
      • My then wife, Laura, didn't like the idea, and as it turned out, I should have listened to her.
      • It was then that I noticed that all eyes were trained on the television above our heads.
      • We were living overseas by then.
      • I used to see them a lot then.

    • 1.2(in those days)

      en aquel entonces
      en aquella época
      a la sazón literary

  • 2

    • 2.1(by that time)

      we had then been living there for 20 years para esa época, hacía 20 años que vivíamos allí
      • I'll then have been working for two years para entonces, tendré dos años de trabajo

    • 2.2

      I wish I'd known before then ojalá lo hubiera sabido antes
      • between then and now desde entonces hasta ahora
      • by then para entonces
      • from then on(ward) a partir de ese momento
      • (up) until / till then, up to then hasta entonces

  • 3

    • 3.1(next, afterward)

      turn right, then left dobla a la derecha, después / luego a la izquierda
      • There's nothing better than making dinner for a group of friends then going out out afterwards.
      • During the war years, every penny went on the war, and then afterwards on rebuilding.
      • On the night of the offence, he had been for a drink after work and then gone home, he said.
      • It became a naval hospital during the Second World War and then a technical college and school.
      • They then started the second half as they had ended the first, on the attack.
      • After his arrest, he had had to make his own way back to Brighton and then pay for a second trip to York for the court case.
      • He then received a second call from her in the evening bearing the bad news.
      • He fired once into the air, and then a second time, hitting James in the arm.
      • A second unit will then be set up in Edinburgh, most likely at the Western General Hospital.
      • There was then a moment of silence as her eyes narrowed slightly and her lips went into a small pout.
      • I saw the attacker hit the lad in the head or the face two or three times and then after about ten seconds he walked off.
      • He managed to push them away for a moment and then ran towards a taxi on the other side of the street.
      • We scored early in the second half and then life became very difficult for Northern Ireland.
      • He would be laughing and joking one moment and then totally different the next.
      • She ponders for a moment and then stresses that she does not consider it to be a stepping stone to anything.
      • He just carries on chewing gum for a second then they launch into another song.
      • There was silence for a moment and then the place erupted with cries of delight and amazement.
      • She fingered a few leg and back muscles for a couple of seconds and then disappeared from the room.
      • She was picked for a second audition and then recalled and told she had the part.
      • Just remember where you posted this and then ask yourself the question again.
      • He was suspended on a slightly reduced salary for six months, and then he was demoted.
      • He gave me a kiss on the cheek, then stood up and helped me up to stand beside him.

    • 3.2(in those circumstances)

      you might lose your job: what would you do then? podrías perder el trabajo ¿y entonces qué harías?
      • what then? ¿entonces qué?
      • If breaking the laws of physics is necessary to get the plot of the movie to work, then okay.
      • We're at home and as long as we keep playing and keep battling to the end as we have been doing then we should do okay.
      • If this is easy to recognise for what it is then okay, but if not its effect could be diminished.
      • Okay then - but is there at least a critique of capitalism that has a potential for replacing it?
      • If you really don't want to stay here, then okay, I'll call Dave and have him pick you up.
      • If you have trained, you are in good condition and you acclimatise, then you should be okay.
      • We need to get into the top three at some stage and even if it is towards the end of the season then that is okay.
      • Therefore, if a person is caught with more, then he or she has to prove that it is not for supply.
      • If not, then the child will probably need a statement and therefore requires an assessment.
      • If we do not increase their wages and salaries, then they will pack their bags and go.
      • If you don't want to reveal your salary or your expensive habits then now is the time to reconsider.
      • If you find that your salary barely pays off what you owe, then it's time to take some action.
      • Furthermore, if they replaced the letter in the envelope then we would not know they had done so.
      • As long as I have the same equipment as the car beside me come race weekend then I am pretty happy.
      • My friends, if a week is a long time in politics, then a year sometimes seems like a lifetime.
      • If we do not find a way of resolving the sins of the past then we are doomed to repeat them.
      • If you thought the use of leeches in medicine was a thing of the past then think again.
      • If the brand has used direct marketing in the past, then an updated database should be available.
      • Is it any wonder, then, that we sometimes feel that we are living in a world on the edge of oblivion?
      • So much, then, for the adaptations and additions made both by Matthew and by Luke.

    • 3.3(besides, in addition)

      (and) then there's a third argument además / en segundo lugar hay un tercer argumento
      • Work is mad at the moment, and then there are exams to think about as well.
      • I feel that I am in a really lucky position. I paint what I like on the street and then I have a studio where I can play around with different ideas and effects, the kind of things you could never do on the street.
      • And then I have a spring show to think about, too.
      • There are grievances, and then there are special grievances.

  • 4

    • 4.1(as a consequence)

      hold on tight and then you won't fall agárrate fuerte que así no te caes / y entonces no te caerás
      • if you don't work, then you won't pass si no trabajas, no aprobarás

    • 4.2(in that case)

      you try doing it then, if you're so clever! ¡inténtalo tú, entonces, ya que eres tan listo!

    • 4.3(as may be inferred)

      you're going then, I see entonces vas a ir / así que vas a ir, por lo que veo

    • 4.4(to sum up)

      • See you there then!
      • He hugged me tightly and whispered, ‘So I’ll see you in a week then?’
      • See you next week, then!
      • Till tomorrow then!

  • 5

    then again también
    • he might get the job and then again he might not puede que consiga el trabajo y (también) puede que no
    • then again we could stay home pero también podríamos quedarnos en casa / otra opción sería quedarnos en casa


  • 1

    the then leader/president/secretary el entonces líder/presidente/secretario