Translation of thence in Spanish:


de ahí, adv.

Pronunciation /ðɛns/


  • 1formal

    (from that circumstance)
    de ahí
    • It wasn't long before they, together with editor, JF Archibald, saw the commercial value in pitting their literary skills against each other in order to provoke reader reaction and thence sales of the paper.
    • There was then a re-birth of investigative journalism which immediately received widespread support, thence advertising revenue.
    • He won the national Hansell's Sculpture Award in 1975 and thence established himself as among the leading artists of his generation.
  • 2literary

    (from there, that place)
    desde allí
    • Its origin is unknown, but it was introduced to Tahiti from France, via England, and thence to San Francisco.
    • But their successful escape from Afghanistan, via Tehran and Rome and thence to Rabat, raises a simple question: how many more of them got away, and where are they now?
    • By careful observation of the flow of blood in vessels and by dissection, Harvey correctly established that the blood circulates from the heart to the tissues via the arteries and thence back to the heart via the veins and through the lungs.
    • The vibrations of the strings are converted into electrical impulses by transducers consisting of built-in electromagnetic pickups; the impulses are passed via a cable to an external amplifier, and thence to a loudspeaker.
    • Japanese civilians, left to fend for themselves in Rangoon, evacuated as best they could and made their way via the Three Pagodas Pass into Kanchanaburi and thence to Bangkok.
    • The horse escaped from its stable during the night into the field and thence onto the railway line via a defective fence.
    • Tomorrow lunchtime, we fly to Bangkok, and thence to Phuket, where a week's stay at the Banyan Tree spa resort awaits us.
    • Here retired US diplomat Ellsworth Bunker drew up a plan to transfer the administrative authority for West Papua from the Netherlands to a neutral administrator, and thence to Indonesia.
    • The extra fretting I did has paid off in terms of convenience: I got my father to digitise the three interview tapes, then transferred the CDs to my computer and thence to my iPod.
    • We went to the garden centre to order the materials for the new pergola and from thence to the supermarket where I did a most unsatisfactory shop, ending with a bill that seems to be almost twice what it should be.
    • Soon I leave for the airport, and thence to Amsterdam; and, if the airline functions more efficiently this time than it did on the way here, thence to Chicago in very short order.
    • However, what I am finding great, is sitting here typing this in front of the fire, connected wirelessly to my desktop, and thence onto the information superhighway.
    • A fast train to London and thence to Luton - a journey of about 230 miles- would be the quickest way.
    • Sucrose is not digested in the mouth or stomach but passes directly to the lower intestines and thence to the bloodstream and the brain.
    • He passed that way a second time two days later, on his way back southward to Fort Lyon and thence to Denver, where he received a hero's welcome.
    • The project will nurture the emerging economies of the Hunan and Guangxi provinces by improving shipping channels to the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers and thence to the sea.